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The African American Studies Program
provides undergraduate majors and minors with the interdisciplinary tools and resources to study the experiences of people of African descent and to evaluate black historical, cultural, social, economic and political developments in South Carolina, the South, the United States, and beyond. A bachelor's degree in African American Studies from USC provides excellent preparation for graduate studies, professional degrees in law and journalism, and careers in education, politics, health care delivery and administration, social work, tourism, business, non-profit management, and more.

Our principal strengths include black political and social movements, African-American literature, and comparative cultural anthropology. We regularly offer coursework that focuses on South Carolina's black communities, particularly in the Civil Rights era and black women's history, and Sea Islands literature and language. Each year, the program sponsors an annual Robert Smalls Lecture Series and honors students for academic excellence in African American Studies with the Grace Jordan McFadden Award. We also work in cooperation with the Institute for African American Research through research seminars and conferences.

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