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African American Studies Course Listings By Semester

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African American Studies Course Descriptions

  • AFAM 201 - Introduction to African American Studies: Social & Historical Foundations
    Introduction to the key debates, figures, and concepts in the study of the historical, political, and social development of black life in America.

  • AFAM 202 - Introduction to African American Studies: Arts & Cultural Foundations
    Introduction to the key debates, figures, and concepts in the study of the artistic, literary, and cultural development of black life in America.

  • AFAM 207 - Introduction to African American Religions
    The variety of religious traditions of African Americans, with emphasis on the contexts in which they developed. Cross-listed with RELG 207

  • AFAM 303 - African American Cultures
    An examination of African-American cultures in the New World.
    Cross-listed with ANTH 303

  • AFAM 308 - African-American Feminist Theory
    An interdisciplinary survey of the contributions of African-American women to feminist theory.
    Cross-listed with WGST 308

  • AFAM 330 - Psychology and the African American Experience
    Psychological theory and research as it applies to African Americans. Explores Afrocentric and other perspectives and roles of culture, racism, and historical phenomena.
    Cross-listed with PSYC 330

  • AFAM 331 - Black Experience in the United States to 1865
    The social, cultural, economic, and political life of black people in the United States to 1865.
    Cross-listed with HIST 211

  • AFAM 332 - Black Experience in the United States since 1865
    The social, cultural, economic, and political life of black people in the United States since 1865.
    Cross-listed with HIST 212

  • AFAM 335 - Survey of Civil Rights Movement
    This course will explore the origins of Jim Crow and the multi-faceted struggle against it in the American South and the rest of the US.

  • AFAM 342 - The African American Religious Experience
    Introduction to the study of the religious traditions of African Americans; special emphasis on the sociopolitical contexts in which these religious traditions have developed.
    Cross-listed with RELG 342

  • AFAM 343 - Religions of the African Diaspora
    Explore development/theologies of African/African Diaspora religions; examine misunderstandings; arrive at a more sophisticated and nuanced vision of these religions and the people who hold them.
    Cross-listed with RELG 343

  • AFAM 353 - Introduction to U.S. Racial and Ethnic Politics
    Survey of theories of the impact of race, ethnicity, and racism on American politics, and analysis of major policies and racial-group experience regarding American citizenship.
    Cross-listed with POLI 353

  • AFAM 393 - Race and Science Fiction
    Draws on science fiction to understand the contemporary history of American racial and ethnic politics and to speculate about the significance of race in America’s political future.
    Cross-listed with POLI 393

  • AFAM 397 - Special Topics in African American Society and History
    Reading and research on selected social and historical topics in African American studies. May be repeated as content varies by suffix and title.

  • AFAM 398 - Special Topics in African-American Arts and Cultures
    Reading and research on selected topics in African-American studies. Course content varies and will be announced in the schedule of courses by suffix and title.

  • AFAM 399 - Independent Study
    Contract approved by instructor, advisor, and department chair is required for undergraduate students.

  • AFAM 402 - African American Political Thought
    Survey of many of the major schools of historic and contemporary African American political thought.
    Cross-listed with POLI 402

  • AFAM 428A - African-American Literature I: to 1903
    Representative works of African American writers to 1903.
    Cross-listed with ENGL 428A

  • AFAM 428B - African American Literature II: 1903-Present
    Representative works of African-American writers from 1903 to the present.
    Cross-listed with ENGL 428

  • AFAM 438D - Studies in African Regional Literature
    Authors and literary forms representative of Africa.
    Cross-listed Course: ENGL 438D

  • AFAM 438E - Studies in Caribbean Regional Literature
    Authors and literary forms representative of the Caribbean.
    Cross-listed Course: ENGL 438E

  • AFAM 442 - African-American English
    Linguistic examination of the structure, history, and use of African-American English, as well as literary presentations, language attitudes, and issues relating to education and the acquisition of Standard English.
    Cross-listed with ANTH 442, ENGL 457, LING 442

  • AFAM 476 - Black Activism
    Critical review of theories of community organizing, grassroots activism, and social movements, and examination of contemporary forms of black activism.
    Cross-listed with POLI 476

  • AFAM 486 - African American Rhetoric
    African-American rhetoric as manifested in speeches, essays, and other rhetorical artifacts.
    Cross-listed with ENGL 486 and SPCH 486

  • AFAM 498 - Seminar in African-American Studies

  • AFAM 499 - Seminar in African-American Studies

  • AFAM 517 - An Anthropological View of Blacks in Film
    Cultural representations, constructions, production, and consumption of African-American identity in the popular culture medium of feature films
    Cross-listed with ANTH 517

  • AFAM 565 - African American Theatre
    The major movements, figures, plays, and critical strategies that have marked the development of African American theatre in the 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries.
    Cross-listed with ENGL 565 and THEA 565

  • AFAM 580 - Culture and Identity in the African Diaspora
    Students will explore the African Diaspora as a social, cultural, and historical formation with Africa at its center, focusing on U.S.-, Latin American-, and Caribbean African-descended communities.
    Cross-listed with ANTH 580