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Department of Anthropology

Certificate of Graduate Study in Historical Archaeology and Cultural Resources Management

The Department of Anthropology is pleased to offer a Certificate in Historical Archaeology and Cultural Resources Management (CRM). This certificate provides training and recognition for students wishing to supplement their degree work in other historical studies. The program is geared primarily toward MA students in the Public History program, and Ph.D. students in the Department of History, however interested members of the community who are not involved in degree programs, such as CRM employees, or people currently working with museums, may also consider this program.

The Certificate is oriented toward professional practice, like the Certificate in Museum Management administered by the McKissick Museum. The skills and issues associated with archaeological resources are distant and important in many historic preservation jobs available to History graduates with advanced degrees, and these positions often include an archaeologically oriented Cultural Resource Management component. The Certificate in Historical Archaeology and Cultural Resources Management (CRM) provides these skills (and the recognition of those skills) to History students, making them even more competitive on the national job market for preservation-related employment.

History Ph.D. students will be attracted to this Certificate as a way of developing a more flexible approach to important issues in historical studies. This flexibility is especially important as the traditional academic job market continues to evolve. Additionally, historical archaeology in the Department of Anthropology at USC has a national reputation for studies associated with the archaeology of both African American sites and Atlantic Slave Trade sites in West Africa. Ph.D. students interested in pursuing dissertations and teaching specializations in African American history are also well served by the Certificate in Historical Archaeology and Cultural Resources Management (CRM). Archaeologists teaching in the Anthropology Department include Gail Wagner, Joanna Casey, Kenneth Kelly, Terrance Weik, Adam King and Steve Smith.

Certificate programs consist of 18 hours of credit. In a certificate program oriented toward professional practice, students must have a mix of courses in method and theory of Historical Archaeology and Cultural Resource Management, and also practical experience. The following list constitutes the required and elective courses for this certificate.

Courses that apply toward the Certificate:
Required Core Seminars (6 units total)
ANTH 745    Seminar in Historical Archaeology (3)
ANTH 536    Public Archaeology (3)

Remaining 12 units from the courses listed below (note: no more than 6 units may be taken from courses outside the Department of Anthropology):

ANTH 533

North American Archaeology (3)

ANTH 541

Field Problems in Archaeology (3) (Prereq. ANTH 320)

ANTH 550

Archaeological Artifact Analysis (4) (Prereq. ANTH 320 or ANTH 322)

ANTH 576

African-American Folklife and Archaeology (3)

ANTH 591

Selected Topics (1-3): Archaeology of the African Diaspora (3)

ANTH 703

Anthropological Inquiry (3)

ANTH 720

Development of Anthropological Archaeology(3)

ANTH 722

Summer Field School in Archaeology (3)

ANTH 733

Seminar in North American Prehistory (3)

ANTH 741

Ethnology for Archaeologists (3)

ANTH 750

Archaeological Laboratory Analysis (3)

ANTH 751

Archaeological Research Design and Analysis (3)


HIST 692

Charleston Field School (3) (Prereq. Consent of instructor)

HIST 712

Historic Preservation Practicum (3) (Prereq. Consent of instructor)

HIST 787

Introduction to Material Culture Studies (3) [ANTH 787]

HIST 789

Historic Site Interpretation (3)

HIST 792

Historic Preservation (3)

ARTH 542

American Architecture (3)

COLA 700

Museum Management (3)


Students will be able to complete the requirements for the certificate within a two-year period as a part-time student or in conjunction with their other academic program.


For further information, please contact Dr. Joanna Casey in the Anthropology Department by email at or by telephone at (803) 777-2392. 

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