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College of Arts & Sciences
Department of Anthropology

Cultural - Summer 2017

SESSION I: 6 Weeks

Begins May 8 and Ends June 22

Exam Schedule: Regular Class Meeting time on: TBA

 Anthropology 358.001 / Gender and Culture

Monday – Thursday / 10:15 – 11:40 / Gambrell 412

Professor: Bri Farber

(3 credits)

Fulfills the Cultural Requirement for the Anthropology Major

Cross-listed with WGST 358

Graduation with Leadership Distinction in Professional and Civic Engagement


Course Readings:

The Gender/Sexuality Reader, edited by Roger Lancaster and Micaela di Leonardo.

Course Description:

When a person walks into a room, we automatically, often unconsciously, notice their gender. Our society treats gender as a “natural” category, and we believe we can make assumptions about someone based on their gender. In this course, we will challenge conventional notions of gender through critical cross-cultural case studies. An anthropological approach to gender will allow us to explore topics such as third genders, sex work, walking marriage, toxic masculinity, and the question of matriarchal societies. We will examine what social theorists and anthropologists have contributed to the study of gender and evolution; gender and bodies;kinship and relationships; gendered labor and political economic systems; and representation and identity. Throughout this course, we will answer, How does gender influence how we perceive and participate in our world?