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College of Arts & Sciences
Department of Anthropology


Name Research Interests Phone Number Email
Drucilla Barker
Economic anthropology, gender and globalization, development, feminist epistemology, methodology. 803-777-3200
Joanna Casey
Associate Professor & Graduate Director
Ethnoarchaeology, prehistoric archaeology, early farming communities, trade, gender, lithics. 803-777-6700
Carlina de la Cova
Associate Professor & Undergraduate Director
Paleopathology, skeletal health disparities, social inequality, the African Diaspora, nineteenth century medicine 803-777-2957
Sharon DeWitte
Associate Professor
Human osteology, paleodemography/epidemiology/microbiololgy, infectious & epidemic diseases, medieval plague 803-777-6940
Sherina Feliciano-Santos
Assistant Professor
Linguistic anthropology, activism, language & cultural revitalization, racial & ethnic formations, narrative, face-to-face interaction 803-777-5760
Kenneth Kelly
Historical archaeology, Africa, Caribbean 803-777-2616
Courtney Lewis
Assistant Professor
Economic anthropology, political economy, indigenous rights, economic justice, sovereignty, American Indians, Cherokees. 803-777-9922
Marc Moskowitz
Cultural & visual anthropology, gender, popular culture, sexuality 803-777-1536
Jennifer Reynolds
Professor; Chair
Linguistic & visual anthropology, language socialization & ideology, transnational migration, childhood 803-777-5527 (Chair's Office) or 803-777-2392 (Office)
David Simmons
Assoc. Prof. & Faculty Principal, Galen Health Fellows Living/Learning Community
Dr. Simmons explores the dynamic and often conflicting relationship between vernacular forms of medicine and biomedicine. 803-777-2321
Kimberly Simmons
Associate Professor
Cultural anthropology, race & ethnicity, gender, identity formation, women's formations, African diaspora 803-777-0822
Gail Wagner
Associate Professor
Archaeology, paleoethnobotany, ethnobotany, chiefdoms 803-777-6548
Terrance Weik
Associate Professor
Archaeology, African Diaspora, antislavery resistance, social identity, Ethnogenesis, self-liberation, Race, Native Americans 803-777-6789