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College of Arts & Sciences
Department of Anthropology

LINGUISTIC - Spring 2018

Anthropology 371.001 / Ethnography of Communication

Professor: Sherina Feliciano-Santos

(3 credits) 

Fulfills the Linguistic Requirement for the Anthropology Major and GLD: PCE Leadership 

Course Readings:

Ethnography of Communication by Saville-Troike; ISBN: 978631228424 

Homegirls by Mendoza-Denton; ISBN: 978631234906 

Cultural Approach to Interperson Communitcation by Monaghan; ISBN: 9781444335316

Course Description:

This course will introduce students to the empirical study of language and communication in context.  Using a cross-cultural approach, students will explore how norms and expectations for what are considered appropriate ways of talking and interacting (including things like gaze, spatial organization, hand gestures, and bodily positioning for example) differ across social events and cultural locales.  In fact, we will consider how such norms and expectations might help us constitute “identities” and “communities.”  Additionally, students will familiarize themselves with ethnographic and analytical methods in the study of communication, which they will apply to a short research project.