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College of Arts & Sciences
Department of Anthropology

  • Students in Anth 161 Lab studying casts of different skulls Anth 161: Human Origins: An Intro to Biological Anthropology more

  • Students planting garden plots at USC for Anth 212 Anth 212: Food and Culture - exploring foodways, or food within a social and cultural contextmore

  • Department of Anthropology - Certified Green Office Green Certified Office - Sustainable Carolinamore

  • Archaeology in Martinique Dr. Ken Kelly and Studentsmore

  • Dr. David Simmons with students Dominican Republicmore

The Department of Anthropology is engaged in dynamic research and scholarship. Since 2011, Faculty of the Department of Anthropology have published 2 books, edited 4 books or journals, published 44 refereed articles and 18 book chapters. Faculty have presented over 56 papers at international, national and regional conferences, and been awarded over 30 grants for research. The Department of Anthropology offers both Undergraduate (B.A.) and Graduate (M.A. and Ph.D.) degrees in Anthropology. Tour our web site to learn more about our department, faculty, students and programs.