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Department of Anthropology

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Marc Moskowitz

University of South Carolina

Phone Number: 803-777-1536
Office: Gambrell 418
Curriculum vitae: Download PDF
Research Interests: Cultural & visual anthropology, gender, popular culture, sexuality

Recent Accomplishments 

In addition to his written publications, Moskowitz has produced and directed two ethnographic documentaries.

2012 Weiqi Wonders: Conversations About the Game of Go in China. High-Definition Color. 50 min. Distributed by CreateSpace. 

2011 Dancing for the Dead: Funeral Strippers in Taiwan. High-Definition Color. 38 min. Distributed by CreateSpace.

His YouTube channel has over 720,000 views:


Marc L. Moskowitz is a Professor in the Department of Anthropology at the University of South Carolina. Focusing on the intersection between gender and popular culture in Chinese-speaking Asia, he is a recipient of the ACLS-NEH, Chiang Ching-Kuo, Fulbright, and Fulbright-Hays Awards. In addition to the books and films he has published in a range of journals, including the China Quarterly, Popular Music, Sexualities, and Visual Anthropology. Since his first trip to the PRC in the late 1980s, Moskowitz lived in Chinese-speaking Asia for a total of over eleven years.


His research interests include cultural and visual anthropology, gender, popular culture, religion, sexuality His areas of interest include China and Taiwan.


ANTH 102 Understanding Other Cultures (An Introduction to Anthropology) 

ANTH 215 Chinese Popular Culture

SCHC 332Z.501   Gender Issues in China and Taiwan 

ANTH 360 The Anthropology of Sex 

ANTH 518 (Graduate Level) Visual Cultures 

ANTH 703 (Graduate Level) Anthropological Inquiry (a graduate core course) 

ANTH 791 (Graduate Level) Theorizing Popular Culture

Representative Publications 

Books (Monographs): 

Go Nation: Chinese Masculinities and the Game of Weiqi in China. Berkeley: University of California Press. (2013) 

Cries of Joy, Songs of Sorrow: Chinese Pop Music and its Cultural Connotations. Honolulu: University of Hawai’i Press. (2010) 

The Haunting Fetus: Abortion, Sexuality, and the Spirit World in Taiwan. Honolulu: University of Hawai’i Press. (2001) 

Edited Volumes: 

Popular Culture in Taiwan: Charismatic Modernity. New York: Routledge. (2011) 

The Minor Arts of Daily Life: Popular Culture in Modern Taiwan. Honolulu: University of Hawai’i Press. (Co-edited with David K. Jordan and Andrew D. Morris). (2004)