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College of Arts & Sciences
Department of Anthropology


In general, about half of our graduates go on to Ph.D. programs. Some have continued at USC (Linguistics, Public Health, Sociology). Others have gone elsewhere to study Anthropology (Stanford, University of Massachusetts, Minnesota, Missouri, Iowa, Yale, UCLA, McGill, UC Riverside, Kent State University, University of Pittsburgh, Purdue, UC Berkeley, Texas A & M, University of South Florida, Medical School, Unversity of SC., UNC - Chapel Hill, UVA, SUNY Birmingham, Simon Fraser University).

Students who do not go on for the Ph.D. who concentrate in Archaeology have had the best luck finding opportunities in their field. Many are now working for SCIAA, museums, state agencies, National Park Service, and private archaeological research firms. However, the opportunities are highly cyclical. More such jobs become available during times of economic expansion.

Cultural and linguistics students who do not go on to Ph.D. programs have to work hard to sell their skills because anthropology is not as well known as the other social science fields like sociology and psychology. However, our cultural graduates have found work in the Federal Government (designing recycling programs appropriate to the culture of each building), translation services consulting for private companies and government agencies, offering courses in cultural awareness to foreign businessmen doing work in the USA and teaching at community colleges.

The graduates of the physical and biocultural program have continued in academic programs in biological sciences and public health, and in professional schools such as dentistry and medicine (as well as in physical anthropology). In the non-academic world, our graduates are employed by public health research projects, cultural resource management firms, cemetery relocation projects and are doing forensic death investigations.