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College of Arts and Sciences

Art Education

A degree in Art Education prepares students to teach art and visual culture in K-12 classrooms, community art programs, and museums.  In keeping with today’s rapidly changing visual world and the proliferation of new media and technologies, students are taught to understand and interpret a wide range of imagery -- from fine arts to popular visual phenomena.  This gives them the foundation to design relevant and innovative curricula for children and young people that promote personal growth, thinking skills, and sophisticated understanding of art and the broader visual world around them.

Because of the wide scope of knowledge required of contemporary art teachers, our students are exposed to studio arts, art history, art criticism, aesthetics, visual culture, new media and technologies, children’s artistic development, and curriculum development.

The Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Art Education is intended for undergraduate students planning a career and seeking certification in teaching art.  Our Art Education program provides most of South Carolina’s K-12 art teachers.

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