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College of Arts and Sciences

Art History

Art History gives students a broad knowledge of Western art and architecture from the Renaissance to the current day.  Students develop skills in theory, research, analysis, and criticism.  The study of art history prepares students to pursue careers in gallery or museum administration, teaching, or working with historical organizations.

Undergraduate: B.A.

The undergraduate art history degree program in the School of Visual Art and Design allows for specialization in Renaissance, Baroque, 18th-, 19th- and 20th-century, and American art and architecture, as well as film and photographic history. In addition, surveys and special-topics courses in art history are offered on a regular basis.

Graduate: M.A.

Those desiring a Master of Arts in Art History through the College of Arts and Sciences pursue in-depth knowledge in areas such as Renaissance and Baroque art and architecture, 18th-century contemporary European art and architecture, American art and architecture, and photographic and film history.

All courses are taught by faculty with graduate assistants serving as tutorial leaders. You can gain additional experience through research and internship opportunities.


Department Chair
Peter Chametzky

Undergraduate Director
Rebecca Boyd

Graduate Director
Andrew Graciano

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