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College of Arts & Sciences
School of Visual Art and Design

Faculty & Staff Directory

David Voros

Studio Art
School of Visual Art and Design
University of South Carolina

Office MM 242
Phone Number 777-7189


Professor; Studio Art: Painting

Current Research: Paintings describing personal history and experience in context of western mythologies, painting history and contemporary popular culture. Pedagogical research focuses on painting materials and processes and their significance in formation of pictorial metaphor.

Artist Statement:

My work addresses personal history and experience in the context of western mythology, the history of painting and contemporary culture.  Within this I have a fascination with ritual and the function of art in ritual.

Despite the autobiographical focus, the primary goal in my work is to connect my own experience to shared universal themes.  I see this dialog as a sort of ritual, and hope to generate, in the viewer, a sense of empathy with the subjects in my work.