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College of Arts & Sciences
School of Visual Art and Design

Graduate Students

Finding the right program

Art Education


Art History


Art Studio


Media Arts   


Reviewing your Application

Once your application is submitted and the deadline has past, the Area’s Admissions Committee will meet.  It can take several weeks for the committee to make a final decision.


Recommending you for Admittance

If the Admissions Committee recommends you for admittance into your chosen program, you will be sent a letter from the School of Art and Design. You will also receive official notification of your acceptance from The Graduate School that will explain your next steps.

If you are an international student, please contact International Student Services immediately.  They will assist you in getting the proper paperwork in place.


Financial Aid


 Many students accepted into the graduate program will receive Assistantships,  Stipends, and/or Tuition Abatements. Assistantships provide students the opportunity to gain valuable career preparation experiences, teaching or working in support positions. During their studies they also have the opportunity to apply for a variety of competitive fellowships and grants funded by the university. Out-of-state students may qualify for in-state tuition.  


Making your Decision

The School of Visual Art and Design understands that you may have applied to other schools and are also waiting on those responses in order to make the right decision for yourself.  Please be advised that the first letter from the School of Art and Design will have a deadline for official notification from you if you will be attending.  You must inform us in writing by this deadline of whether you have chosen to accept admission into your chosen program.


You got in. Now what?

Congratulations, and welcome to the University of South Carolina! We look forward to seeing you on campus. To help the transition, we’ve created a check-list of steps to follow in order to get you started as a graduate student at the University of South Carolina.


Health Insurance 


Residency & Citizenship


Financial Aid



Carolina Card


Getting Started


Once all of your required paperwork has been submitted and processed you will be able to register for classes. For additional information on which courses to take, please contact the Graduate Student Services Coordinator who can direct you to the appropriate Faculty Advisor.