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College of Arts & Sciences
School of Visual Art and Design

Internship Information

Available Internship Opportunities

  • Art History (ARTH 503)

               - Internship Contract

  • Media Arts (MART 499)

               - Internship List

               - Internship Guidelines

               - Frequently Asked Questions

  • Studio Arts - Graphic Design Majors only. (ARTS 545)

               - Internship Contract

All internships require the following:
  1. Contract
  2. Signature of Student and Instructor 
  3. Student's Advisor
  4. Approval and signtuare of the Director of the School of Art and Design (MM-228)
  5. Approval and signature of Dean's office (Flinn 110)
  6. Contract must be delivered to Registrar's office (1244 Blossom St.) to be cleared to register through Self Serice Carolina.