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"Artista Vista's Install It 2" Community Rangoli Project


We need your help!
If you are free during the day today(April 24), tomorrow (April 25) or Thursday (April 26), please come out to the corner of Lady and Lincoln Street downtown to participate in a community-based art exhibit for "Artista Vista's Install It 2". We are creating a very large Rangoli made with materials the birds and squirrels will enjoy consuming after it has been created.
We will be working on it all day every day until Thursday evening when it will be completed and exhibited for everyone to enjoy.
You can also check out to see a video of the Rangoli that was created last year at the Tapp's building. This year's Rangoli is MUCH bigger (approximately 51' x 51')!


Thank you in advance.
Khaldoune Bencheikh