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Colbert Receives Lowenfeld Award

Cynthia Colbert, Louise Fry Scudder Professor of Liberal Arts and Sarah Bolick Smith Professor of Fine Arts, has been named as the recipient of the Victor Lowenfeld Award from the National Art Education Association. 


Lowenfeld's views of child art were grounded in constructs drawn from the psychoanalytic school of psychology in which evidence of aesthetic, social, physical, intellectual, and emotional growth is reflected in the art of children and the concept of stages of growth in art. He saw the free expression of children in artistic media as necessary for the healthy growth of the individual.  His textbook, Creative and Mental Growth, is one of the most influential texts in the history of visual arts education in America.


Given annually, this award champions the research and teaching of a visual arts educator  whose work has lasting value and whose contributions to research, teaching, and leadership in arts education advance the discipline and expand or extend the work of Lowenfeld.