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Manga Class and Students Present Their Creative Work at Nashi Con

The group and manga class students are presenting their plans for the website and class to the SC manga/anime community on Saturday, April 2 at 1PM at Nashi Con at the Columbia Convention Center

 The Nashi Con group are USC students and alum who have created their own annual manga/anime convention each spring that has grown so large it has moved out of Russell House, which it outgrew.   Last year over 1,000 attendees came from all over SC and the region.  Prof. Davis will present about his book, Manga and Anime Go to Hollywood at 10 A.M. April 2 and come meet us there and at the table reserved for the site and manga class group at the bottom of the escalator.  He will be joined at the 10 A.M. presentation by his research assistant on the book, Austa Joye, also a SVAD graduated manga creator.

Here is the schedule: