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College of Arts & Sciences
School of Visual Art and Design

Bonnie Harris-Lowe

Media Arts Student Awarded Grant

Media Arts major Bonnie Harris-Lowe was recently awarded a Magellan Scholar Grant for her project “Gatekeeping: Women, People of Color, and the Video Game Community”, which explores the representation and experiences of women and people of color in video game culture.

“I love video games, and I think they have limitless potential,” she says. In order to help gamers (and society in general) access that potential, Bonnie’s project examines how and why technology, geek culture, and misogyny/racism have created a gaming culture that is often toxic, particularly for women and people of color. It also analyzes how these factors have led to the development of games that rarely (or poorly) represent people outside of a white male demographic.

Bonnie’s project will culminate in both a research paper and a narrative film, to be finished in the spring semester of 2017.