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School of Visual Art and Design

News from a Recent Graduate

News from a recent graduate Furman Fortner, BFA 2016

who filled out the Alumni Update Form on this website.

Thank you Furman!

A few months after finishing classes I landed a job at the South Carolina
Hospital Association as their Web & Graphics specialist. The reason I got
this job is because I had a well rounded education at the School of Visual
Art and Design. During my time at McMaster I took classes in graphic
design, illustration, printmaking and photography as well as other core classes.
My skills in graphic design and illustration is what got me noticed and
eventually hired by my employer. But since starting, along with my design
duties, I have become an in-house photographer as well as doing in-house
production printing for large events. My mixed background has helped me
tremendously in my job. I'm getting paid to do what I love and it's
thanks to the School of Visual Art and Design and guidance from the wonderful
faculty of SVAD that i'm allowed to do this.

The all-nighters really paid off.