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College of Arts & Sciences
School of Visual Art and Design

Printmaking | Studio Art

The Printmaking Area in the Department of Art at the University of South Carolina is housed primarily in three classrooms at McMaster College. In McMaster there are facilities for all the
major printmaking processes: relief, intaglio, serigraphy, lithography, and digital imaging. There are two hand-driven lithograph presses (and many stones to go with them), three
hand-driven etching presses, a large vacuum table for screen printing, an exposure unit for large-format screen printing, and a photographic plate maker. There is also a well-equipped
computer lab with a large plotter printer.

In addition to the facilities in McMaster College, there is a variety of letterpress and papermaking equipment in the new USC Studio for Book Arts. Along with the presses, there is another large vacuum table for screen printing and a motorized fiber beater for papermaking.

The atmosphere of the Printmaking Area at USC is one of tradition, experimentation and variety in terms of format and technique.  In addition to creating prints in traditional methods, many students create installations and combine printmaking processes with photography, drawing, painting or three-dimensional work. There is a strong communal aspect among students and faculty, and a great deal of interaction with the other areas and programs in the Department of Art.