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College of Arts & Sciences
School of Visual Art and Design

Studio Art


Students pursuing degrees in studio art have many options once they graduate, but most seek careers as professional artists or designers.

The Bachelor of Arts degree provides a well-rounded liberal arts education along with an art major. The Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in studio art is geared toward students serious about becoming professional artists or pursuing graduate-level study. The BFA offers options in graphic design, drawing, printmaking, ceramics, painting, 3-D studies, and photography. The Master of Arts degree allows students to create their own works of art and broaden their knowledge of art, ceramics, painting, 3-D studies, and photography. Completion of the MFA affirms a candidate's mastery in studio production.  MA and MFA students are offered Studio Art degrees with the following emphasis: 3-D Studies, Ceramics, Drawing, Painting, Photography, and Printmaking.  The Graduate programs currently do not offer a emphasis in Graphic Design.