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College of Arts & Sciences
School of Visual Art and Design

Y.A.W. Classes

Glimpses               Y.A.W. Application


Drawings, Paintings, and More

Students will develop perceptual and motor skills by drawing from observations and using their imaginative skills, while experimenting with a variety of media such as pencil, marker, paint, and clay.


Students will use hand-building techniques to create functional and nonfunctional art works of clay, learn about the kiln firing process, and use various glazes and slips on their finished works of art.

Fiber Arts and Printmaking:

Students will explore print processes using techniques on a variety of surfaces.  Students will also use drawing, painting, and dyeing techniques on fabric surfaces.  Fiber arts may include learning about the ancient art of Batik, a dyeing and waxing process.

Computer Graphics:

Students will learn the basic operations of Adobe Photoshop and other computer art software. This knowledge will be used to create works of art and additional art media may be used to enhance computer images.

Mixed Media:

Students will be encouraged to combine traditional art making processes with contemporary or non-traditional art forms using different painting and drawing media and techniques.


Students will use a wide variety of media to construct three-dimensional relief and freestanding artworks.


All class offerings are subject to change.