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Hazards, Risks, and Disasters Specialty Group

Jeanne X. Kasperson Student Paper Award

The HRDSG encourages students planning to present hazards-related papers at the AAG annual meeting to consider applying for the Jeanne X. Kasperson Student Paper Award. Students must submit a 1,000-word abstract for a single-authored paper to the HRDSG Chair by the posted deadlines. Up to five students may receive the award each year. The award winners will receive a check for the value of their annual meeting registration fee and their papers will be showcased in the Jeanne X. Kasperson Student Paper Award session organized by the specialty group.

Kasperson Award Submission Information

Past Winners

Erika Wise, University of Arizona, "Meteorologically Adjusted Air Quality Trends in the Southwestern United States"
Paul McDaniel, Samford University, "Consequences of Living on the Edge in the Ring of Fire"
Chiu-Ling Hsu, National Taiwan University, "Terrain Modeling for Gully Erosion Risk Assessment Based on DEM"
Melanie Gall, University of South Carolina, "Vulnerability Reduction in Mozambique: The Unused Potential of Emergency Shelters"

James Ford, University of Guelph, "Climate change, natural hazards, and vulnerability: a case study of Arctic Bay, Nunavut"
Tim Collins, Arizona State University, "Wildland-urban interface fire hazard vulnerability in Arizona's White Mountains"
Muhammad Tauhidur Rahman, Texas State University, "Factors affecting villagers perception towards arsenic hazard in three villages of Bangladesh"
Chunling Liu, Clark University, "Farmers' coping response to Yellow River's low flows, 1990-1999"

Lindsey Barnes, University of Colorado-Colorado Springs, "Looking at Superstorm '93: Perspectives of emergency managers in Southern Appalachia"

Farhana Sultana, University of Minnesota, "Gendering Natural Hazards Research: A Feminist Analysis of the Arsenic Contamination of Groundwater in Bangladesh"
Tamara Wall, University of Montana, "The affects of place attachment on vulnerability to wildfire hazard and risk in the western United States"
Erin Hughey, University of South Florida, "Hurricane Response Capabilities of Island Nations: The Bahamas Response to Hurricanes Isabel, Frances, and Jeanne"
Andrew B Shears, Kent State University, "Tornadoes and Mobile Homes in the Southeastern United States: The Geographic Data of a Stereotype"
Kuan-Hui Elaine Lin, National Taiwan University, "Behind The Hazards: Revealing Regional Environmental Transition and Vulnerability in Taiwan Mountain Areas"

Jennifer Hamilton, University of Montana, "Rebuilding in the Midst of Disaster: An Assessment of the Response to the 2005 Kashmir Earthquake"
Ashley Coles, University of Arizona, "Cultural Psychology and Hazards Research: An Integrated Model for Risk Perception and Warning Response Behavior"
Bandana Kar, University of South Carolina, "Spatial Distribution of Potential Residential Loss from a Storm Surge"
Michael C. A. Bitton, Louisiana State University, "Interpreting Geomorphic Change in Coastal Areas: Hurricane Katrina's Impact of Port Fourchon, Louisiana"
Sharon Ashley, Northern Illinois University, "Flood Casualties in the United States"

Laura Siebeneck, University of Utah, "An Assessment of the Return-Entry Process for Hurricane Rita, 2005"
Eric Tate, University of South Carolina, "Web-based Hazards and Social Vulnerability Assessment"
Marilyn Williams, University of South Florida, "The Spatial Distribution of Industrial Pollution in Houston: Analyzing the Health Hazards"
Lauren Patterson, University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill, "Spatiotemporal Analysis of Socioeconomic Exposure to Assess Flood Policy Effectiveness"
Erin Hughey, University of South Florida, "The Value of a Comprehensive Emergency Management System: A Longitudinal Study of The Commonwealth of the Bahamas"

Angela Gilbert, University of South Florida, "Hazardous Air Pollutants and Environmental Justice: The Geography of Health Risks in Florida"
Christopher Burton, University of South Carolina, "From Conceptual Framework to Assessment: The Operationalization of a Place-Based Model for Understanding Community Resilience to Natural Diasters"
Khila R. Dahal, Texas State University, "Hazard and Risk: Perception of Glacial Lake Outburst Flooding from Tsho Rolpa Lake, Nepal"
Monica Zappa, Northern Illinois University, "Social, Economic, and Cultural Impacts on Hurricane Vulnerability in Bluefields, Nicaragua"

Michael Stimers, Kansas State University, "A Categorization Scheme for Understanding Tornado Events from the Human Perspective"
Ahmad Saleh Safi, University of Nevada-Las Vegas, "Rural Nevada: Vulnerability, Environmental Behavior, and Risk Perception"
Nicole Simon, San Diego State University, University of California-Santa Barbara, "Determining Expected Building Losses from Earthquakes in Oxnard, CA: An Application Using HAZUS-MH MR4"
Joshua Krumski, Marshall University, "GIS Usage for Emergency Preparedness for the Release of Hazardous Materials in Cabell and Wayne Counties, West Virginia"