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College of Arts and Sciences


GISciences Research Laboratory

Center for GIS and Remote Sensing

More and more we depend on Geographic Information Systems (GIS) data. Our center is committed to refining and improving the systems, consulting with users and providing advanced training.

When a company wants to determine the best site for a new business location, it often employs Geographic Information Systems (GIS) data.  When state and federal emergency planners need to calculate emergency response times and the movement of response resources in the case of a natural disaster, they usually turn to GIS.  And when health professionals want to track the spread of an emerging infectious disease in order to stop a pandemic in its tracks, they, too, turn to GIS.

Geographic Information Systems have been a part of the University of South Carolina-Columbia campus since the mid-1980s. Today, support for GIS software, instruction, and research is participant based, with the cost being shared by the College of Arts and Sciences and by various other colleges, schools, institutes, centers, and University units. This funding allows all participants to receive GIS software from the Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI), which administers our software site license, as well as to receive assistance in installation.  Full-support participants also receive access to support staff for consultation, training, and other help.

Please click on our website links for more details about our Campus GIS Support program.