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Chemistry is the study of the composition, properties, and behavior of matter.  Chemistry is concerned with atoms and their interactions with other atoms.  Chemistry is sometimes called “the central science” because it bridges other natural sciences such as physics, geology, and biology with each other.

The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at the University of South Carolina is one of the best in the Southeast, with world-class research programs in Biochemistry and in Analytical, Inorganic, Organic, and Physical Chemistry.  The department was recently ranked in the Top 40 in the country by  “Chemical and Engineering News”.  We are housed in a 158,000-square foot, $36 million cutting-edge facility on campus.

A Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry is offered via two pathways:

  • General Major
  • Intensive Major

Chemists are in great demand today in industry, government, and university laboratories.  In addition, a degree in chemistry can lead to many different types of careers, including medical doctor, dentist, registered nurse, science writer, environmental engineer, forensic chemist, food chemist, teacher, professor, veterinarian, air quality analyst, hospital administrator, and genetic counselor. Salaries are substantial.

For additional information, contact:

Renee McGinnis, 803-777-5264,

Visit our department's page.