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College of Arts and Sciences

Chemistry and Biochemistry Seminar

Friday, March 10, 2017 - 4:00pm

Location: Jones Physical Science Center, Room 006

Speaker: Dr. Pingyun Feng, Department of Chemistry, University of California, Riverside California

Topic: Crystalline Semiconducting and Porous Materials: Synthesis, Properties, and Applications

Abstract: The basic chemistry principle of charge matching can play pivotal roles in the synthesis of crystalline porous materials. By applying this charge matching principle through self-assembly, several series of metal chalcogenide tetrahedral clusters have been synthesized. The single-sized tetrahedral clusters act as building blocks to form well-ordered three-dimensional superlattices in the presence of either organic or inorganic species as structure directing agents. The single crystal structural analysis reveals detailed information that could serve as the basis for the elucidation of larger colloidal nanostructures. The diversity of superlattices is achieved by modifying the cluster size, the cluster composition, and the inter-cluster linkage mode. Nanoclusters prepared in this research include those that are currently the largest known singlesized semiconducting tetrahedral clusters, which serve to bridge the size gap between colloidal nanoclusters and small molecular clusters. In addition, metal-organic framework materials (MOFs) are another family of fascinating crystalline porous materials, because of their highly tunable compositions, structures, and properties. In this presentation, strategies for the synthesis of porous MOFs will be discussed, with the focus on the use of different metallic elements and their various combinations to tune the framework charge and materials properties. The talk will also cover our recent efforts on pore space partition in MOF to tune the gas sorption properties.

Sponsored by the College of Arts and Sciences and the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

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