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College of Arts & Sciences
The Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice

Faculty and Staff Directory

John Burrow

Associate Professor
Undergraduate Program Director


J.D. 2001, University of Wisconsin

Ph.D. 1998, Michigan State University, Criminal Justice

M.A. 1991, University of Tennessee, Sociology

B.A. 1988, University of Tennessee, Sociology and political science

Office: 108, Currell College
Research Interests: Sentencing, race and crime, juvenile delinquency, children's rights, law and justice
Curriculum vitae: Download PDF


Dr. Burrow is presently involved in research examining juvenile gangs, judicial and prosecutorial waiver, elderly offenders, and school violence. Dr. Burrow teaches courses on Criminal Law, Race and Crime, Law and Criminal Justice Policy, and Law & Society. He is Chair of Undergraduate Studies for the Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice.

Selected Publications


Koons-Witt, B. A., Sevigny, E. L., Burrow, J. D., & Hester, R. (2014). Gender and sentencing outcomes in South Carolina: Examining the interactions with race, age, and offense type. Criminal Justice Policy Review, 25, 299-324.

Meade, B. & Burrow, J. D. (2013). Untangling the dynamics of judicial decision making and inmates' free exercise claims. The Prison Journal, 95, 3-22.

Apel, R. & Burrow, J. (2011). Adolescent victimization and violent self-help. Youth Violence and Juvenile Justice, 9, 112-133.


Smith, C. E., DeJong, C., & Burrow, J. (2003). The Supreme Court crime, and the ideal of equal justice. New York: Peter Lang.