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College of Arts & Sciences
The Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice

Minor in Criminal Justice

A minor in criminal justice will provide the student with an overview of the criminal justice system, including courses specifically dealing with each of the three major sub-systems (police, courts, and corrections), as well as a course in criminal law and a course in criminology. Students majoring in Sociology, Psychology, and Political Science (particularly those interested in public administration) will find this to be an attractive and suitable minor. Also, any student interested in graduate study in the field of criminal justice would benefit greatly from this minor, as would any student with a general interest in the area of social services or human welfare.

Required (3 hours):

CRJU101 - American Criminal Justice System

Choose Two (6 hours):

CRJU311 - Policing

CRJU312 - Corrections

CRJU313 - Criminal Courts

Electives (9 hours):

Chose One

CRJU314 - Criminal Law

CRJU341 - Sociology of Crime


Two additional Criminal Justice courses at the 300, 400, or 500 level.


See the Undergraduate Bulletin for further details.