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The Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice

South Carolina Law Enforcement Census

The South Carolina Law Enforcement Census is an annual project conducted by researchers in the Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice. The purpose of the Census is to provide law enforcement agencies in our state with empirical evidence concerning contemporary issues of importance to policing in South Carolina. The issues examined in the Census change annually. In the past, we have conducted research on issues surrounding terrorism, immigration, gang violence, school resource officers, officer-involved vehicle collisions, and body-worn cameras (see links to PDF reports below). We also periodically conduct a Census that explores issues such as personnel, budgets, salaries, equipment, and policies. A key component of the Census is law enforcement executive participation in developing ideas for upcoming research projects. We encourage executives throughout the state to contact Scott Wolfe, Ph.D. ( or Bob Kaminski, Ph.D. ( if they have issues they would like to see explored in the Census. Many of the topics we research each year developed because of this process. The overarching goal of the annual Census is to produce a research report (that is posted online) that will prove useful to executives, their agencies, and, ultimately, the communities in South Carolina they serve.

Census Research Staff

Scott Wolfe, Ph.D. - Director of SC Law Enforcement Census and Assistant Professor
Phone: 803.777.1238

Robert Kaminski, Ph.D. - Associate Professor
Phone: 803.777.1560

Kyle McLean, M.A. - Doctoral Research Assistant

Meg Chrusciel, M.A. - Doctoral Research Assistant


Annual SC Law Enforcement Census Final Reports


2015 - Census Final Report- "Body-Worn Cameras in South Carolina: Law Enforcement Executives' Views Concerning Use, Policies, and Outcomes"

View the completed Body-Worn Camera Final Report.


2014 - Census Final Report- "Officer-Involved Traffic Collisions in South Carolina: Exploring the Issue through Official Records (2001-2010) and Survey Responses of Law Enforcement Executives"

View the completed OIC Final Report.


2013 - Census Final Report- " School Resource Officers (SROs) and the Arming of School Teachers or Administrators as Responses to School Shootings: Results From a State Census of Law Enforcement Executives and Public School Principals"

View the completed SRO Final Report.


2012 - Census Final Report- "Immigration and Law Enforcement"

View the completed Immigration Final Report.


2011 - Census Final Report- "Examining the Prevalence and Impact of Gangs in College Athletic Programs Using Multiple Scources"

View the completed NCAA Gang Final Report


2011 - Census Final Report- "2011 SC Law Enforcement Census"

View the completed Census Final Report.


2010 - Census Final Report- "Local Law Enforcement Use And Evaluation of the South Carolina Intelligence and Information Center"

View the completed SC Intell and Info Center Final Report


2009 - Census Final Report- "Less-Lethal Technology and Use-of-Force Policy"

View the completed Less-Lethal Final Report


2007a - Census Final Report- "2007 SC Law Enforcement Census Report"

View the completed Census Final Report.


2007b - Census Final Report- "South Carolina Law Enforcement Training Survey: A National and State Analysis"

View the completed Training Final Report.


2005 - Census Final Report- "South Carolina Gang Survey"

View the completed Gang Final Report


2004 - Census Final Report- "South Carolina Law Enforcement Census 2004"

View the completed Census Final Report