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College of Arts and Sciences

Dean's Office Staff

NameTitle  Phone (803) Room  
Mary Anne Fitzpatrick Dean   777-7798PET 314
Roger SawyerExecutive Dean and Senior Associate Dean for Graduate Education   777-0525PET 204
Anne BezuidenhoutSenior Associate Dean for Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences  777-0525PET 206
Robert ThunellSenior Associate Dean for Natural Sciences  777-0525PET 205
Hans-Conrad zur LoyeAssociate Dean for Research  777-0525PET 203
Alan WhiteAssociate Dean for Undergraduate STEM Education777-0525PET 202
Loren KnappAssistant Dean for Academic Affairs and Advising


Mary Ann ByrnesAssistant Dean for Administration  777-5371  PET 313
Sonya BrownAssistant Dean for Academic and Fiscal Planning  777-8451  PET 302
LaTasha RobinsonDirector, Human Resources  777-4541  PET 312
   Academic Affairs and Advising  
Loren KnappAssistant Dean for Academic Affairs and Advising  777-2993
  FLINN 201A 
Rebecca ColeAdvisor  777-3040  FLINN 305
Dawn HillerAdvisor  777-1084  FLINN 202B
Doug RobertsAdvisor  777-5348  FLINN 301
Jodi SalterAdvisor  777-0744  FLINN 302
Jennifer ShiverAdvisor  777-2582  FLINN 202A
Cammie SteeleAdvisor  777-1464  FLINN 201
Joanne ThompsonAdvisor  777-4542  FLINN 303
Angela MelamedAdvisor  777-6447  FLINN 202
Theresa AshleyAdministrative Assistant  777-7303  FLINN 110
Melissa NagleCareer Center Liaison for Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences  777-1204  TC Lev 5
Alison HogueCareer Center Liaison for Math & Sciences  777-1204  TC Lev 5
Mark BrownInternship Director  777-7504  FLINN 105
   Academic Planning  
  Sonya Brown  Assistant Dean for Academic and Fiscal Planning  777-8451  PET 302
  Ginger Nickles Osborne   Academic Planner  777-3744  PET Z101
   Administrative Support for the Dean's Office   
Cheri Shinn  Executive Assistant to the Dean  777-7798 PET 210
Sarah Gottshall  Administrative Assistant  777-0525 PET 201

Markie Gaddis

   777-7161 PET 300
   Office of Development  
  Vinnie Suarez  Senior Director of Development (Interim)  777-4232  HUO 001A
  Joe Neary  Director of Development  777-2565  HUO 001C
  Erin Taute  Director of Development  777-6856  HUO 001E
  Dena Byerly  Development Coordinator  777-6502  HUO 001B
   Office of External Relations  
Ann CameronDirector of External Relations777-9201PET 210
Laura BradstreetAssistant Director of Stewardship and Special Events777-0364PET 323
Angela MattoneAdministrative Assistant777-9201PET 325
  Sonya Brown  Assistant Dean for Academic and Fiscal Planning  777-8451  PET 302
  Kathy Fitzhugh  Budget Manager  777-4517  PET 303
  Patricia Brabham  Budget Analyst  777-1645  PET 304
  Mark Stevens  Administrative Assistant  777-2210  PET 301
   Human Resources  
  LaTasha Robinson  Faculty Human Resource Director  777-4541  PET 312
  Susan Illingworth  Human Resource Director - Classified  777-2506  PET Z2103
  Tawana Johnson  Faculty HR Assistant  777-2507  PET 316
  Kathy Fitzhugh  Training Coordinator  777-4517 PET 303
   Information Technology  
  David Mullaney  Director, IT Services  777-6803  GAM 003Q 
  Hans Conrad zur-Loye  Associate Dean for Research  777-1934  PET 203
   Space & Facilities  
  Sonya Brown  Assistant Dean for Academic and Fiscal Planning  777-8451  PET 302
  John Moring  Planning Coordinator for Space and Facilities  777-1570  BYRNES 213 

  Gary Bennett

  Service Crew Chief  777-8463  SUM 209
  Arthur Illingworth  Director of Auxilliary Services/Mechanical Prototype Facility Manager  777-6057  PSC 017
  Allen Frye  Assistant Director of Mechanical Prototype Facility  777-6057  PSC 017