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College of Arts and Sciences

Department Directory

Due to the wide variety of undergraduate programs offered by the College of Arts and Sciences, specific details of each program are found on the individual unit pages. You may follow the links below to find information on each degree program, as well as the contact information for Undergraduate Directors.

Degree Program

Department Phone Number (803)

Undergraduate Director/Program Coordinator

African American Studies 777-7248 Valinda Littlefield
Anthropology 777-6500 Carina de la Cova
School of Visual Art and Design 777-4236 Mana Hewitt
       Art Education 777-4236 Rebecca Boyd
       Art History 777-4236 Rebecca Boyd
       Art Studio 777-4236 Rebecca Boyd
       Media Art 777-4236 Rebecca Boyd
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 777-0458 Leslie Lovelace
Biological Sciences 777-4141 Amanda Zeigler
Cardiovascular Technology 777-2505 Loren Knapp
Chemistry  777-0458 Leslie Lovelace
Criminology and Criminal Justice 777-7097 John Burrow
Dance 777-5636 Stephanie Milling
Economics 777-7400 Kin Blackburn
English 777-4203

Ed Gieskes

School of Earth, Ocean and Environment 777-4525 Gwendelyn Geidel
       Environmental Science 777-4535 Gwendelyn Geidel
       Environmental Studies 777-4535 Gwendelyn Geidel
       Geological Sciences 777-4535 Gwendelyn Geidel
       Geophysics 777-4535 Gwendelyn Geidel
       Marine Science 777-4535 Gwendelyn Geidel
Film and Media Studies 777-2339 Mark Cooper
Geography 777-5234 Greg Carbone
Global Studies 777-8180 Agnes Mueller
History 777*5195 Kent Germany
International Studies 777-3109 David Darmofal
Languages, Literature and Culture 777-4881 Mark Beck
       Chinese Studies 777-4881 Krista Van Fleit Hang
       Classics 777-4881 Hunter Gardner
       Comparative Literature 777-4881 Jie Guo
       French 777-4881 Jeanne Garane
       German 777-4881 Kurt Goblirsch
       Russian 777-4881 Alex Ogden
       Spanish 777-4881 Leah Lindsey
Mathematics 777-4224 Matthew Miller
Philosophy 777-4166 Anne Pollok
Physics and Astronomy 777-8105 Jeffery Wilson
Political Science 777-3109 David Darmofal
Psychology 777-4137 Steven Levens
Religious Studies 777-4166 Michael Dickson (Interim) 
Sociology 777-3123 Shelley Smith
Statistics 777-7800 Brian Habing
Theatre 777-6350 Robert Richmond
Women's and Gender Studies 777-4007 Suzanne Swan