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College of Arts & Sciences
Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures

Chinese Course Descriptions

Fall 2016 Chinese Courses

Culture Courses

All of the following courses offered in Fall 2016 satisfy the requirements of the Major in Chinese Studies or the Minor in Chinese Studies. Where indicated, some courses may only count toward the Minor in Chinese Studies. For a full listing of courses included in the minor, see the website for the Major in Chinese Studies or the Chinese Minor website.


CHIN 240: Introduction to Chinese Civilization

MWF 1:10–2:00

Instructor: Prof. Gregory Patterson


CHIN 335: Women in China

MW 2:20–3:35

Instructor: Prof. Krista Van Fleit


ARTH 345: History of Asian Art

MWF 10:50–11:40

Instructor: Prof. Amanda Wright


HIST 356: China Since 1949

TR 1:15–2:30

Instructor: Prof. Yulian Wu


POLI 443: International Relations of East Asia and the Pacific

TR 10:05–11:20

Instructor: Prof. Kelan Lu


POLI 448: Politics and Government of China

TR 8:30–9:45

Instructor: Prof. Kelan Lu


RELG 220: Introduction to Buddhism

TR 11:40–12:55

Instructor: Prof. Elon Goldstein


For a listing of our regular language courses, see the schedule of classes.