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Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures

A sample of our French students' course projects!

See how our students bring their French to life with the latest technologies!

The students in FR 310 made their own reportages on cultural news topics after a semester of watching and discussing the journal télévisé!

Logan Hood & Stephan Bowe: La Marche des Fiertés à Paris

Gaby Amos: Shakespeare & Company 

The students in FR 330 created a new genre with their multimedia spin on old-style radio theatre. 

fr 330 theatre fr 330 theatre 2

FR 300 students showed off their dazzling phonetics by creating ads to persuade the masses to learn French. 

Samm Stewart: Des raisons pour apprendre le français

Muzna Al-Raiisi: Pourquoi apprendre le français

Megan Dick, Sarah Roof & Kathleen Whalon: Informercial pour un cours de phonétique française

The students in FR 210 made use of several different apps to give a portrait of themselves and where they live!

Animoto: Mon appartement: Annie Parham

Shadow Puppet: Ma résidence: Alaina Dingwell

Thing Link: Quant à moi: Virginia Green

Glogster: Quant à moi: Hannah Ekeh


The students in FR 210 invited us along to their favorite places!

Une visite à Cool Beans: Annie Parham & Kristmar Muldrow


Les vacances à Paris: Kristmar Muldrow

Students in FR 209 used Dotstorming and Padlet to compare various aspects of life in the US and France. 

American & French Stereotypes

Maisons des rêves

Linguistic Landscape: Exploring Street Signs


Students in FR 209 also made comic books using the software Comic Life!

Le paon blanc: Claire Bower

Les injustices de la dinde: Avni Naik

La malédiction du diable rouge: Helena Patterson



Ellie Smith won the 2014 Study Abroad Film Contest: USC in Tours 2014!