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Spanish Proficiency

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This page will provide information on proficiency goals for the Spanish Program. It is intended for Spanish instructors and students who are both majoring in Spanish and completing general education requirements in Spanish.

  1. What is proficiency?
  2. How is proficiency measured?
  3. What are the oral proficiency goals for Spanish courses offered at USC?
  4. How do I increase my Spanish proficiency?
  5. How do I advance through the ACTFL proficiency levels?

Quick links: To skip to the description of ACTFL's guidelines for oral proficiency, click here. To skip to the ACTFL Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI), click here.

Students who are majors in USC’s Spanish Program take a placement exam each semester. Spanish majors in enrolled in Spanish 312, take the STAMP language proficiency assessment.

The STAMP is a computer-based assessment that follows the proficiency guidelines set for by The American Council for Teachers of Foreign Languages. The STAMP measures proficiency in speaking, listening, writing and reading skills. It is taken in the Ted Mimms Foreign Language Learning Center (HU 101) and lasts 2-3 hours.