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College of Arts & Sciences
Department of Languages Literature and Cultures

Faculty Directory

Name Position Office Email Address
Junko Baba Associate Professor HUO 910
Mark Beck Associate Professor, Assistant Chair HUO 911
Alexander Beecroft Associate Professor in Classics and Comparative Literature HUO 707
Sheila Benavente Senior Instructor HUO 701
Pia Bertucci Senior Instructor and Italian Program Director HUO 810
Alexandre Bonafos Assistant Professor HUO 714
Alanna Breen Instructor HUO 802
Ellen Brightwell Senior Instructor HUO 715
Youko Brooks Senior Instructor HUO 904
Jorge Camacho Associate Professor and Spanish Program Director HUO 704
Catherine Castner Professor and Classics Program Director HUO 811
Lucile Charlebois Associate Professor HUO 710
Andrew Corley Senior Instructor HUO 724
Purificacíon Crowe Senior Instructor HUO 700
Ana Cueto Senior Instructor HUO 903
Amanda Dalola Assistant Professor HUO 619
Judith Dent Senior Instructor HUO 703
Daniela Di Cecco Associate Professor HUO 817
Lara Ducate Associate Professor HUO 906
John Duffy Senior Instructor HUO 800
Teel Evans, M.A. Senior Instructor HUO 808
Curtis Ford Senior Instructor HUO 922
Jeanne Garane Professor and CPLT Graduate Advisor HUO 804
Hunter Gardner Associate Professor HUO 809
Kurt Goblirsch Professor of German and Linguistics, German Program Director, Director of USC-Bamberg Exchange HUO 905
Brigitte Guillemin-Persels Senior Instructor HUO 818
Jie Guo Associate Professor HUO 816
Michael Gibbs Hill Associate Professor, Chinese and Comparative Literature, Chinese Program Director HUO 705
D. Eric Holt Associate Professor HUO 717
Michael House Assistant Professor HUO 708
Yvonne Ivory Associate Professor HUO 706
Judith Kalb Associate Professor HUO 913
Beatríz Kellogg Senior Instructor HUO 821
Cari Lee Senior Instructor HUO 702
Lara Lomicka-Anderson Professor and Graduate Director HUO 908
Mercedes Lopez Rodriguez Assistant Professor HUO 900
María Mabrey Professor HUO 920
Paul Malovrh Associate Professor HUO 721
Patti Marinelli Senior Instructor HUO 722
Timothy McAteer Senior Instructor and Placement Coordinator HUO 801
Leah Miller Senior Instructor, Spanish Major Advisement HUO 719
Nina Moreno Associate Professor HUO 718A
Agnes Mueller Professor HUO 807
Shunko Muroya Instructor HUO 924
Margo Newton Senior Instructor HUO 819
Harriett Nichols Senior Instructor HUO 803
Alexander Ogden Associate Professor & Russian Program Director HUO 805
Brad Owens Senior Instructor HUO 901
Gregory Patterson Assistant Professor HUO 617
Jeff Persels Associate Professor & French Program Director HUO 806
Andrew C. Rajca Assistant Professor of Portuguese and Spanish, Portuguese Program Director HUO 711
Raul Diego Rivera Hernandez Assistant Professor of Spanish HUO 921
Isis Sadek Assistant Professor HUO 720
Yoshitaka Sakakibara Associate Professor and Japanese Program Director HUO 907
Francisco Sanchez Professor HUO 718
Wendy Schneider Senior Instructor HUO 902
Adelaida Seay Instructor HUO 709
Heike Sefrin-Weis Assistant Professor of Philospohy Byrnes 421
Kristina Stefanic-Brown Instructor HUO 820
Carla Swygert Senior Instructor HUO 712
Krista Van Fleit Hang Associate Professor HUO 811A
Nicholas Vazsonyi Professor and Jesse Chapman Alcorn Memorial Professor of Foreign Languages, Department Chair HUO 917
Catherine Wiskes Senior Instructor HUO 923
Tan Ye Professor and Confucius Institute Director HUO 607