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M.A.T. Program Requirements

Program Requirements:

I. Credits

Each of the following links offers a sample Program of Studies available for the French, German and Spanish Program options of the MAT degree.

French Program of Study

German Program of Study 

Spanish Program of Study


II. Internship

A year-long internship (directed teaching) is required, comprising 3 hours in the fall and 9 hours in the spring. In order to be eligible for directed teaching, the student must score at least advanced-low on the Oral Proficiency Exam. The College of Education also requires a background check. Please see section V of the policies and procedures manual:

For details on the internship requirements, please see the policies and procedures manual:

The application to the Professional Program and Internship Application must be submitted to the College of Education by March 15 if internship A will take place in the fall semester and by Dec. 1 if internship A will take place in the spring semester. The application for certification must be submitted by April 15.

Students who are studying abroad when these applications are due, should submit their applications as soon as they return from study abroad in order to be able to participate in both internship programs.


III. Comprehensive Examination (Final Evaluation)

A. The final evaluation for the M.A.T. in FL consists of a four-hour written and a one-hour oral examination. Each student's committee will consist of 3 faculty members: 2 from the student's program and 1 from foreign language education.

B. The purpose of the written examination is twofold. First, the student is expected to synthesize various components of the programs in literature and culture, language and linguistics, and pedagogy and education so that they constitute an integral plan of study rather than separate components or courses. Second, the student is to specify how his/her program may have practical implications for foreign language teaching. The examination is based upon a M.A.T. Reading List.

C. The format of the written examination is as follows: Area A. General Education/Foreign Language Education, Theory & Pedagogy (120 minutes) Area B. Culture & Literature (90 minutes). Area B must be answered in the foreign language. Area C. Language/Linguistics or an additional Literary Area (90 minutes) The exam will be held over two consecutive days.

D. If the candidate passes his/her written exam in all categories, there is no need for an oral exam. Candidates with a weak pass or fail on any component of the written exam, must also take an oral exam. The oral examination will follow within a two or three-week period of the original date of the written exam. Failure to show mastery of either the written language or the overall content tested could be cause for failure of the written examination. At least two areas of the written examination must receive a PASS in order to proceed to the oral examination. Students must receive a PASS on all three areas during the oral examination in order to successfully pass the exam. The written examination will be graded in one of the following ways:

Pass. No oral examination.

Weak pass or fail on one or more components. Oral examination.

Fail all sections. No oral examination will be offered. The student must retake the written exam in April.

In the event of a FAIL at the oral exam, the committee will offer the student the opportunity to retake either the oral or the entire exam in April, for instance in the case of a marginal pass of the written in January.

E. When necessary, the one-hour oral examination will be administered after the candidate's three-member committee has had an opportunity to read the written portion and has evaluated it. Questions will be asked on omissions or errors found in the written examination, or on amplification of either the tested material or other material relevant to the student's program of study. At least one area of the oral exam must be in the foreign language.

F. Results of the written and the oral examination will be reported to the M.A.T. Advisor by the Chair of the exam committee.

G. The M.A.T. Advisor will compile the questions for the written examination in consultation with the members of the candidate's committee. The Chair of the Committee (appointed by the M.A.T. advisor) will preside over the oral exam.

H. Reading Lists are language specific for Areas B & C. General Education/Foreign Language Education, Theory & Pedagogy will be the same for all languages and will include these works.


IV. For Exit Requirements, please see the policies and procedures manual:


V. OPI information - Please apply at and to click on the link in the upper right hand corner to create an account and apply for the test.  Once you create the account, you will be able to search for an application which is listed under University, School or Academic Program as University of South Carolina-Columbia


VI. Reading List



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