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College of Arts & Sciences
Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures

Classical Studies Program Electives

Select 6 hours from the following:

ARTH 313 History of Roman Art

ARTH 320 History of Italian Renaissance Art

ARTH 514 Greek Art & Archaeology

ARTH 520 History of Renaissance Painting

ARTH 520 Topics in Renaissance Art

CPLT 301 Great Books of the Western World I

CLAS 240 Sport & Combat in the Ancient World

CLAS 401 Greek & Latin Literature in Translation

CLAS 469 Classical Drama

CLAS/PHIL 301 Ancient Philosophy

CLAS/PHIL 302 Greek & Roman Philosophy after Aristotle

CLAS 325 Greek Civilization on Site

CLAS 360/PHIL 312 Classical Origins of Western Medical Ethics

CLAS 361/PHIL 313 Between Magic & Method: Ancient Medicine

HIST 302 Greek History & Civilization to 146 BC

HIST 303 Roman Republic and Early Empire

HIST 304 Late Antiquity: Imperial Rome to Islam

HIST 325 Byzantine history: 4th to 11th Centuries

PHIL 505 Plato

PHIL 506 Aristotle

PHIL 526 Hellenistic Philosophy

RELG 302 New Testament

RELG 310 Paul & the Philosophers

RELG 311 Gospel Literature & the Formation of Christianity

RELG 312 Life & Letters of Paul

RELG 315 Intro. to Early Christianity

RELG 316 Imagining Jesus: Antiquity to Present

RELG 410 Origins of Western Morality

Other courses with appropriate content, such as Special Topics, may be applied with permission of the advisor.