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Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures

Delicious France: The Art of French Cuisine

Learn about French food and participate in a 10-day culinary adventure in Paris!

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Pre-requisites: FREN 110, 121, USC FL test score of F2, completion of 2 years of HS French or permission from the instructor. Course will be taught in English. Students will have the choice to complete their assignments in French or English (see how each language will count in terms of credit below). 

Credit: Students who complete the assignments in English will be registered for SCHC 363, which is equivalent to and will count for the French program as FREN 398. Students who complete the assignments in French will be registered for SCHC 463, which is equivalent to and will count for the French program as FREN 400.

Course Description:  This course in French cuisine will appeal to those interested in an enriching and hands-on experience at USC and in Paris. Students will learn the cultural significance of food in France by learning about the following: etiquette, regional specialties, the locavore movement, accreditation procedures for chefs and delicacies and culinary production techniques. The finale of this course is held in Paris, where students will interact with master chefs, participate in a cooking workshop, take a culinary neighborhood tour, and experience various markets and restaurants firsthand.

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Travel Dates: May 13-23, 2016

Highlights: French cooking class at McCutcheon House, crêpe lunch at Crêpes & Croissants, 10 days (9 nights) in Paris on a culinary adventure, 4 themed group dinners, formal chocolate & wine tastings, pastry class in Paris, fromagerie tour, neighborhood culinary tour

Required Meetings: There are 6 pre-departure meetings during the Spring 2016 semester. Attendance is mandatory.

Estimated Fees: $3000-$3500 (not including tuition for 3 credits, required study abroad insurance and fees). Students are encouraged to apply for scholarships from the French program (March 1 deadline) at

For questions on the course, contact Dr. Amanda Dalola

To apply to participate in the course, contact Jim Clark 

For more information, click here.

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