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Back Credit

Back credit

If you place into and take Spanish 122 (or a higher level Spanish course) at USC and you earn a final grade of B or higher, you may be eligible for up to 6 credits of 100-level Spanish, which count as elective credit toward graduation. To request these credits, wait until the grades are posted by the Registrar onto your transcript. Then, fill out the form in room 813-A Humanities Office Bldg. If your request is denied, you will receive notice via your USC email account. If the request is approved, you will see the credit on your transcript.

Please note the following requirements on back credit:

  1. The course MUST be your first college-level Spanish language course
  2. You placed into 122 with the placement exam and earned a grade of A or B in the 122 course. (You may be eligible for an additional four advanced standing credit hours for 121.)
  3. You placed into a 200-level course or above and earned a grade of A or B in that course.

Who is NOT eligible:

  1. Students that did not take the placement exam in Spanish or those who took a different course than that in which they were placed
  2. Native speakers of the language
  3. Students who have received Spanish transfer credit from another institution (This includes AP and IB credit for Spanish)