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Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures

Spanish Advising

The Department of Languages, Literature, and Cultures is committed to quality advising. Each student who declares a major in Spanish is assigned a faculty adviser who verifies that academic programs are completed in a timely manner. Advisers also discuss career options with students to assist them in making informed decisions. Although advisers are a valuable resources for information, it is the responsibility of students to keep track of their courses, and to make sure that their programs satisfy departmental and College graduation requirements. 


SPANISH MINORS should be advised by their major academic advisor. Scroll down for information about choosing courses abroad for the Spanish minor. 


Spanish majors can find advisor assignments at If no advisor is listed for the Spanish Major, contact Leah Lindsey at


Spanish Undergraduate Advisement Faculty

D. Eric Holt Welsh Humanities 717

Program Director
Graduate/Undergraduate Advisor


Cari Lee Welsh Humanities 702 Sigma Delta Pi Advisor
Mercedes Lopez Rodriguez Welsh Humanities 900 Undergraduate Advisor
Paul Malovrh Welsh Humanities 721 Undergraduate Advisor 
Timothy McAteer Welsh Humanities 801 Placement Director
Leah Lindsey Welsh Humanities 719 Major Advisement Coordinator
Nina Moreno Welsh Humanities 718A Undergraduate Advisor 
Andrew C. Rajca Welsh Humanities 711 Portuguese Program Director
Undergraduate Advisor
Francisco Sanchez Welsh Humanities 718 Undergraduate Advisor 
Catherine Wiskes Welsh Humanities 923 Undergraduate Teaching
Certification Advisor



Frequently Asked Questions: Study Abroad for Spanish Major or Minor Credit

How do I decide where to study abroad? 

Meet with your advisor to map out a semester or summer you can devote to language studies. Some locations offer a wide variety of coursework in English and Spanish for different majors, so it's necessary to visit Study Abroad in the Close-Hipp Building. Attend orientation to learn dates and timelines. 

Research as much as possible! Discuss finances with the necessary parties, seek out scholarships and grants, meet with former students, go to study abroad fairs. Follow the checklist listed on the Study Abroad website

If you can only go for a summer, consider our five-week USC Spanish Global Classroom Programs to Spain and Costa Rica. These are well-established programs with a faculty advisor from campus whom you may already know from your classes! 

What courses should I take when I go abroad?

It's actually very easy to get a wide variety of credit while studying abroad. You can even take basic-level language courses at some locations. 

You  may wish to take some portion Spanish major or minor elective credit abroad. Choose courses in the in the areas of LANGUAGE, LITERATURE, LINGUISTICS and CULTURE. 

This may include acceptable common courses, such as those listed below. Since it is difficult to verify exact equivalencies on the Study Abroad Approval Form, list courses as SPAN 002T (Intermediate) and SPAN 003T (Advanced) transfer credit.  

Courses taken for General Education requirements may be taken in English. For the major or minor, the preferred language of instruction is Spanish, but one course may be taught in English. 

Course Description (Abroad)

Possible USC Requirement Met

(Advanced) Civilization/Society/Cultures 

SPAN 004T for major/ minor or GSS Social Science

(Advanced) Hispanic Literatures 

SPAN 003T for major/ minor or AIU Literature

(Advanced) Cinema

SPAN 003T for major/ minor or AIU Humanities

(Advanced) Hispanic Linguistics/Translation

SPAN 003T for major/ minor or GSS Social Science

(Advanced) Language /Conversation/ Grammar

SPAN 003T for major/ minor or AIU Humanities

(Intermediate) Any SPAN course 

SPAN 002T for minor or AIU Humanities

(Basic) Language/Conversation/Grammar

GFL -Take placement test to verify proficiency goals are met

Art or Art History, Dance, Music, Film

AIU Fine art

Women in Society/Gender Studies/Sociology

GSS Social Sciences

Local or Regional History

GHS Non-US History

Many courses are already articulated as they should appear on the Study Abroad Approval Form at this Course Equivalency Chart. Select USC Columbia, search by country, and then institution. 

Can I skip a language/grammar course in the sequence because I studied abroad? 

Students returning from study abroad may retake the Foreign Language Placement test in order to verify they are at the appropriate level at USC. Otherwise, students should enroll in the next course in the USC SPAN sequence, and credit from abroad should be used as major or minor elective or General Education credit. Information about placement test retake opportunities can be found here