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Carl Jenkinson (PhD, 2009) has accepted a tenure-track position at Mount Ida College in Boston.

Charlene Spearen (MFA, 2003 and PhD, Comp Rhet, 2008) has received an appointment as a full time faculty member at Allen University in Columbia.

Jan Millsapps (PhD, 1990) has published Screwed Pooch, a novel about the first living creature to reach Earth's orbit, a Russian dog named Laika. The book centers on Laika's historic mission wherein she rode Sputnik 2 into outer space on November 3, 1957, and its impact on the humans she encountered.

Andrew Geyer (MFA, 1991) has, after long stints teaching in far-flung places like Oklahoma and Kentucky, returned to South Carolina, where he is an assistant professor of English at USC Aiken. His novel Meeting the Dead was published in 2007 by University of New Mexico Press.

Sally Roxayn Evans (MA, 1999) married Curtis Weldon Boone Jr. on May 24, 2008. She is currently enrolled in USC's School of Library and Information Science and is employed as an editor at Bruccoli Clark Layman.

Rachel Luria (MFA, 2006) is a visiting assistant professor of creative writing at Florida Atlantic University's honors college in Jupiter, FL.

Sandra Young (PhD, Comp Rhet, 2006) is an assistant professor of English at Columbia College, where she supervises the English Education program.

Kimberly Greene Angle (PhD, 2007) has published her first novel, Hummingbird, with Farrar, Straus, and Giroux for Young Readers.