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Fellowships and Awards

Marti Lee was awarded a 2010 fellowship from Emory University's MARBL (Manuscript and Rare Book Library) to conduct research for her dissertation-in-progress.

Casey Boyle received the prestigious University of South Carolina's Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant Award for 2010.

Leslie Haynsworth has won three creative writing competitions and been named a "Semifinalist" for the Faulkner-Wisdom novel prize in 2010.

Lisa Lopez Snyder was named a Short Story Finalist in the 2010 Faulkner-Wisdom Competition and received a full tuition scholarship for the 2010 NY State Summer Writers Institute at Skidmore College.

Zack O'Neill's first novel, The Blue Stoop, was a "Finalist" in the 2010 Faulkner-Wisdom creative writing competition. He is currently working on his second novel in our MFA program.

Grace Wetzel received a Summer Fellowship from the North East Modern Language Association, for archival research at UC Berkeley.

Jonathan Maricle has been awarded a scholarship to Cornell University's School of Criticism and Theory Summer Program.

Marcia Nichols has been named the inaugural recipient of the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Dissertation Fellowship in the Material Texts Initiative at the McNeil Center for Early American Studies at the University of Pennsylvania.

Abigail Lundelius has been awarded a Winterthur Research Fellowship from the Winterthur Museum in Wilmington, Delaware.

Stephen Spratt has been awarded a 2009 summer research grant by the CGR Foundation.

Wendy Ralph has been awarded a full scholarship to the 2009 NY State Summer Writers Institute.

Grace Wetzel has been named the 2009 recipient of the University of South Carolina Graduate Schools campus-wide Education Foundation Teaching Award.

Jonathan Maricle was an honorary reader for the Celebration of the Spoken Word Series at the University of South Carolina-Sumter in April, 2009.

Catherine England received the William Richey Teaching Award for fall, 2008.

Jonathan Maricle was a runner-up in the South Carolina Poetry Initiatives 2008 National Chapbook competition.

Jonathan Maricle received the 2008 James Dickey award for poetry.

Wendy Ralph received the 2008 You Light Up USC award, presented annually by Alpha Lambda Delta honor society to USC faculty and staff for outstanding mentoring of undergraduate students.

Jonathan Maricle was awarded the 2008 Eliot Teaching Award for most outstanding service from a first-year English instructor.

Leslie Haynsworths novel in progress The Evolution of Grace was a finalist for the 2008 Faulkner/Wisdom award.

Zack ONeills novella The Blue Stoop was a semifinalist for the 2008 Faulkner/Wisdom award.

Paul Cook received the 2007 James Dickey Award for scholarly writing.


Scholarly Articles and Reviews

Leslie Haynsworth's "'The Weight of all the Hopes of Half the World': Tennyson's The Princess and Maurice's Eustace Conway" appeared in Victorian Newsletter (Spring 2010).

Casey Boyle published a review of "Lingua Fracta" in Kairos: A Journal of Rhetoric, Technology, and Pedagogy 15.1 (2010).

Paul Cook's article "The Rhetoricity of Cultural Literacy" is forthcoming in Pedagogy: Critical Approaches to Teaching Literature, Language, Composition, and Culture.

Jessie Bray's article "Not a pure idealist: Ralph Waldo Emerson, Edward Emerson and the Civil War" is forthcoming in Researches in American Literary Study.

Jeremy Cagle's article "I am now like the gambler: Erotic Triangles and Game Theory in William Faulkner's Pylon and If I Forget Thee" is forthcoming in Southern Literary Journal.

Paul Cook and Adam Ellwanger have co-authored a Symposium Introduction, "Revisiting the Work of Allan Bloom and E.D. Hirsch, Jr", that is forthcoming in Pedagogy: Critical Approaches to Teaching Literature, Language, Composition, and Culture.

Jonathan Maricle's articles "Henry Miller" and "Sylvia Plath" are forthcoming in the Encyclopedia of American Literature.

Jeremy Cagle's article "Reading Well: Transcendental Hermaneutics in Poe's 'The Man of the Crowd'" appeared in the fall, 2008 volume of The Edgar Allan Poe Review.

Leslie Haynsworth's essay "Mrs. Jellyby and Me: 21st Century Reverberations of Victorian Social Critique" appeared in the 2008 volume of the Victorians Institute Journal.

Leslie Haynsworth's essay "Mrs. Jellyby and Me, or How I Finally Figured Out How to Stop Wanting to Kill Charles Dickens" appeared in the Spring, 2008 issue of The Common Review.

Paul Cook's review of "William Clark's Academic Charisma and the Origins of the Research University" appeared in the summer, 2008 volume of Rhetoric Society Quarterly.

Paul Cook's essay "Why Argue?" serves as the introduction to The Carolina Reader, ed. Lee Bauknight et. al., published in the fall of 2007.

Creative Writing

Leslie Haynsworth has published two pieces of creative nonfiction in The Common Review and Existere (both Summer 2010) and has a third piece forthcoming in The Sharp-Tongued Woman Review. She has also placed a stunning six works of fiction in Defenestration (Summer 2010), in Undefined (July/August 2010), in Live Oak Review and Halfway Down the Stairs (both Winter 2010), and in Confrontation and Roanoke Review (both forthcoming).

Wendy Ralph's creative essay "The Garden" will appear in the South Carolina issue of Yemassee.

Leslie Haynsworth's story "Army Community Hospital Ball" is forthcoming in Ampersand.

Leslie Haynsworth's essay "Why I Feel Sorry for Yankees" is forthcoming in the 2009 edition of CrossRoads: A Southern Culture Annual (Mercer UP).

Leslie Haynsworth's essay "Adam, God, John Kerry and Me" is forthcoming in A River and Sound Review.

Wendy Ralph's creative essay "Left Behind" appeared in the June, 2009 volume of Upstreet.

Leslie Haynsworth's story "Philanthropy" appeared in the spring, 2009 issue of Clapboard House.

Leslie Haynsworth's story "Kiss the Cow" appeared in the spring, 2009 issue of JuiceBox: A Journal of the Ordinary.

Leslie Haynsworth's story "Hunkering Down" appeared in the spring, 2009 issue of Up the Staircase.

Leslie Haynsworth's story "Complicity" appeared in the January issue of The Battered Suitcase.

Jonathan Maricle's poem "I have Cracked" appeared in the Fall, 2008 issue of the James Dickey Newsletter.

Zack ONeill's story "A Rapunzel Rewrite" appeared in the 2008 issue of Calaveras Station Literary Journal.

Leslie Haynsworth's essay "My Volvo, My Self" appeared in the spring, 2008 issue of Fourth Genre.

Reviews and Interviews

Jonathan Maricle's interview of poet Afaa Weaver appeared in the Spring, 2008 issue of Yemassee.

Paul Cook's review of Raul Snchez's The Function of Theory in Composition Studies appeared in the Winter, 2007 volume of Rhetoric Society Quarterly.

Recent Presentations

Hannah Spicher presented at the Review Conference for the International Criminal Court, at Markerere University, in Kampala, Uganda. (June 2010)

Eme Crawford presented papers on Simone de Beauvoir at the conferences of the Northeastern Modern Language Association in April and the Rhetoric Society of America in May 2010.

Grace Wetzel presented a paper at the 2010 SUNY Council on Writing Annual Conference.

Steve Bellomy presented a paper on Wieland at the conference of the Northeast Modern Language Association in April 2010.

Jamie Libby Boyle delivered a paper at the Society for the Study of Women Writers conference in October 2009 and will give another paper, on Cornelia Otis Skinner, at the Modern Language Association conference in January 2011.

Casey Boyle presented papers at the Carolina Rhetoric Conference in Raleigh (February 2010), and at both the Rhetoric Society of America Biennial Conference in Minneapolis, and at the Computers & Writing Conference,in West Layfette, IN, in May 2010.

Jessie Bray has been invited to present her research on Henry David Thoreau's unpublished Indian Notebooks at the Thoreauvian Modernitities International Conference in Lyon, France.

Hannah Spicher presented her paper "Wartime Rape Discourse and the Politics of Naming" at the Carolina Rhetoric Conference in February, 2009.

Eme Crawford presented her paper "Feminism without Choice: Gardasil's One Less Campaign and the Politicization of Decision" at the 2008 Conference of the Rhetoric Society of America.

Jeremy Cagle presented his paper "The Enigma Machine and the Gamesmanship of Anti-Mimetic Modernist Form" at the Modernist Studies Association conference in November, 2008.

Paul Cook presented his paper "Disciplinarity, Identity Crises, and the Teaching of Writing" at the Who Owns Writing? Revisited conference held at Hofstra University in October, 2008.

Catherine England presented her paper "The Economics of Flirtation: Social Capital, Reading Practices, and the Marriage Market in Jane Austen's Northanger Abbey" at the International Conference on Romanticism in October, 2008.

Leslie Haynsworth presented her paper "Titans of Empire and Titans of Crime: Detection and Subversion in Grant Allen's The African Millionaire" at the Victorians Institute Conference in October, 2008.

Eme Crawford presented her paper "Women, You Owe Everything to Her: Responding to Simone de Beauvoir's Centennial" at the 2008 Conference on College Composition.

Jeremy Cagle presented his paper "Avoiding the Footprints: Toni Morrison's Beloved and the Legacy of Perpetuating Trauma" at the Louisville Conference on Literature and Culture since 1900 in February, 2008.

Jeremy Cagle presented his paper "Automatism, Zone Crossing, and It Happened One Night: Working Through Displacement in Walker Percy's The Moviegoer" at the annual meeting of the Popular Culture Association in April, 2007.

Catherine England presented her paper "The Precarious Protagonist: Finding a Bed of One's Own in Charlotte Bronte's Villette" at the Dickens Projects spring conference in April, 2007.

Paul Cook presented his paper "Revisiting Hirsch and Bloom: An Interrogation of Pedagogical Identity" at the annual Conference on College Composition and Communication in March, 2007.

Catherine England presented her paper "Death's Heir, Die's Husband: Sir Walter Scott's Rob Roy" at the Narrative Conference at Georgetown University in March, 2007.