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Internal Fellowships and Awards

For information about the following, see the Graduate School's Fellowships and Awards page:

  • Travel grants for participation in professional meetings
  • Support for Graduate Student Conferences and Workshops
  • Graduate School Fellowships
  • Graduate Incentive Recruiting Scholarships
  • Graduate Incentive Continuing Scholarships for African American students
  • Minority Funding Opportunities
  • USC Education Foundation Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant Awards
  • Dean's Award for Excellence in Graduate Study
  • Outstanding Dissertation Awards
  • Outstanding Thesis Awards
  • Other Funding Opportunities
  • Summer Dissertation Fellowships
  • Trustee Fellowships

The English Department also allocates a small amount of money for graduate student travel each year. Application forms are available in the main English office and must be submitted to the graduate director before a trip is taken.

External Fellowships and Postdocs

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