The Wake.  San Francisco:  Auerhahn Press, 1963.


Lafayette Park Place.  San Francisco:  Auerhahn Press, 1964.


Stranger.  San Francisco:  San Francisco Arts Festival, 1964.  Broadside in a portfolio with nine other poetry broadsides.


The Music Room.  San Francisco:  Dave Haselwood, 1965. 


Happy Birthday.  San Francisco:  Andrew Hoyem,  1965.  One folded sheet.


Chimeras:  Transformations of “Les Chimeres” by Gerard de Nerval.  San Francisco:  Dave Haselwood, 1966.


Vengeance.  San Francisco:  Grabhorn-Hoyem, 1967.


The Pearl, newly translated by Hoyem and John F. Crawford, including the Middle English text printed interlinearly from the British Museum manuscript Cotton Nero A.X and its four illustrations printed in facsimile together with a commentary on the poem.  San Francisco:  Grabhorn-Hoyem, 1967.  225 copies.


A Romance Written for Friends and Dinner Guests on February 14, 1867 …  [s.l.; s.n.; 1967?].  Broadside.


Articles:  Poems 1960-1967.  London:  Cape Goliard, 1969, limited issue of 50 copies and trade issue; New York:  Grossman, 1969.


Try.  San Francisco:  Grabhorn-Hoyem, 1971.


Aim.  San Francisco:  Grabhorn-Hoyem, 1972.


Still Life.  New York:  Valent:  Angelo, 1973.


Petit Mal.  San Francisco:  Grabhorn-Hoyem, 1973.


Picture/Poems:  An Illustrated Catalogue of Drawings and Related Writings:  1961-1974, Prepared by the Artist and Poet, Published on the Occasion of an Exhibition, January 18 through March 16, 1975, the Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco, California Palace of the Legion of Honor.  San Francisco:  Arion Press, 1975.


The First Poet Travels to the Moon.  San Francisco:  Arion Press, 1975.  Broadside.  Arion Press Broadsides, no. 1.


Flatland:  A Romance of Many Dimensions, by Edwin Abbott Abbott, illustrated by Hoyem.  San Francisco:  Arion Press, 1980. 


What:  A Poem.  San Francisco:  Arion Press, 1983.  50 copies.


Sherwood Grover Was a Printer, by Hoyem; The Last Time I Saw Mr. Grace Hoper, by James E. Hammond; Sherwood:  A Remembering, by Arlen Philpott.  Fairfax, CA:  Printed for Members of the Book Club of California at the Press of Arlen and Clara Louise Philpott, 1986.  1,050 copies.


What If:  Poems 1969-1987.  San Francisco:  Arion Press, 1987.  120 copies.


On Nabokov’s Poem Pale Fire.  San Francisco:  Arion Press, 1997.  200 copies.





DLB 5.