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Advising: Step by Step

To ensure that your advisement goes smoothly, you should take the following steps each semester. For more information about the advising process, be sure to also see the Frequently Asked Questions: Advising page.

Important: If you are a senior, in addition to following the procedures outlines below, you must have a senior check completed the semester before graduation (i.e., in the fall if you plan to graduate in the spring). See below for more information.

The Advising Process

Two weeks before the start of advising, check the bulletin board outside the undergraduate office (Room 114, Welsh Humanities Office Building) to find your advisors name and office number. Be sure to check this board each semester, since majors are sometimes assigned new advisors, depending on faculty availability.

Sign up for an appointment with your advisor. Advisors will post sign-up sheets by their offices.

Prepare for your advising appointment by first reviewing the master course schedule and course descriptions and then working up a tentative list of courses youre interested in discussing with your advisor.

On the day of your appointment with your advisor, pick up your file from the undergraduate office to take to your advising appointment. During the appointment, your advisor will first review your progress toward completing your requirements (core, distribution, and major). Based on this review and your own interests, you will then decide on specific courses for the next semester. In order to tailor a course of study that best suits your needs and interests, you should also feel free to consult with your advisor about career plans, including graduate and professional school.

Once you have decided on your courses, you and your advisor will complete and sign the advisement form (you will keep the white copy and turn the pink copy in to the undergraduate office so that you can be cleared to register; the yellow copy remains in your folder). Then return your folder and the pink copy of the advisement form to the undergraduate office.

Once you have been cleared, you can register on line for your courses on the assigned date. Courses often fill quickly, so it is important that you register as early as your scheduled time allows.

Senior Checks

One semester before graduation (i.e., the fall semester for a May graduation; spring for a summer or December graduation), students should have a senior check to be sure they are ready for graduation.

The senior check is a two-step process; it begins in the department and concludes in the deans office. It is essential that you complete the senior check to be certain you have met university, college, and departmental requirements. If you fail to complete both steps, you will not graduate.

Senior checks are performed by the Undergraduate Student Coordinator in the undergraduate program office (HU 114).