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Mark Cathey

(Deep Creek, Swain County, North Carolina) was age 54 when interviewed.  He was literate and had worked as a logger, farmer, and hunting guide.

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Play InterviewWell, the fall of nineteen twenty-one, me and a party went to Bryson place on a bear hunt.  they was twenty-nine in the party, natives from here and a bunch from Knoxville, Tennessee, and some from Oakdale, Tennessee.  Well, the next morning, we'd turned out to the hunt, and the driver driv the west side of Deep Creek, the Easy Ridge, and Pole Road with the bear hounds tied and driv out to the Burnt Spruce Gap.  That's the dividing ridge between the Pole Road and Bear Creek, and they found no bear signs to turn the dogs on, and I placed the standers on the Bear Wallow Ridge beyond Bear Creek, and they turned the dogs loose to go back into camps.  And we had some old trained bear hounds that turned off in the roughs, the laurel on the Bear Creek side, and picked up a cold trail and started out up to the Bear Creek a-trailin', openin' along.  And I hunted up some, some of the drivers and told them to let's follow on, axed them to let's follow, go with me after the dogs, and that they was after a bear.  "Well, no," they said, "that's not a bear.  It's a wildcat, a bobcat, or coons or a deer."  So I pretty soon started on after the dogs, but this time they was out of hearing a-goin' out just aback of Round Top.  I went on up Bear Creek and run into Winston Hunnicutt, one of our party, and axed him to go on with me.  He had heard the dogs go through, and he said it was a wildcat, and I prevailed with him to go on with me, and he wouldn't go, but I, anyway I got on up the mountain nearly out of hearing from him, and he hollered to me.  He says, "You go on out to the Bear Pen Gap, and I'll come on out, or go that far with you."  Well, I went on and topped out, and when I got out to the Bear Pen Gap, why, the dogs was a-fightin' the bear right in under the top of Smoky, pretty close up to the top, and I waited there on Hunnicutt and after while he came on out, and he said . . .