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Department of English Language and Literature

Faculty and Staff Directory

Gretchen Woertendyke

Associate Professor
McCausland Fellow
Department of English Language and Literature

Phone Number: (803) 576-5954
Office: HUO 511
Website:Visit Site
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Ph.D. English, State University of New York, Stony Brook, 2007
B.A. English (cum laude), DePaul University, Chicago, IL, 1998

   Associate Professor, Department of English, University of South Carolina (2015-present)
   Assistant Professor, Department of English, University of South Carolina (2008-2014)
   Affiliate Faculty, African American Studies, Women’s and Gender Studies (2008-present)

Areas of Specialization 

   18th-19th Century American Literature
   Studies of the Novel
   African-American and Caribbean Literature
   Hemispheric American Studies

Recently Taught Courses 

ENGL 840    Graduate Seminar: Maritime Literatures
ENGL 750    Graduate Seminar: The Atlantic World Novel
ENGL 742    Hemispheric American Studies-the long nineteenth century
ENGL 700    Introduction to Graduate Studies

ENGL 490 Independent Study: Postcolonial Literatures
SCHC 457 Honors Pro Seminar: Pirates, Ships, and the Atlantic
ENGL 429 Early American Literature
ENGL 428b: African American Literature, 1903-present
ENGL 412 US Literature, 1830-1860
ENGL 383 Romanticism
ENGL 384 Realism (European and American)
ENGL 287 American Literature: Honors
ENGL 287 American Literature Survey: Atlantic Exploration
ENGL 285 Themes in American Literature: Aliens
ENGL 282 Introduction to Fiction
WST 111 Introduction to Women’s Studies

Professional Accolades 

   • Appointed, Peter and Bonnie McCausland Faculty Fellow of English Language and Literature
   • Selected, South Carolina Collaborative for Racial Reconciliation Faculty Fellow
   • Provost Humanities Research Grant, University of South Carolina, 2013
   • American Council of Learned Society (ACLS) Faculty Fellowship, 2010-2011
   • Josephine Abney Fellowship for Research in Women’s and Gender Studies, University of South Carolina, 2011
   • Mayers Fellow, Huntington Library, Two-Month Residency, 2009
   • Morton E. Kahn Award, Best Dissertation, SUNY Stony Brook, 2007

Current Research Projects 

   Secret History in the Early Nineteenth-Century Americas” in The Age of Revelation: Secret History, Genre and Politics Reconsidered. Eds. Rebecca Bullard and Rachel Carnell.  Forthcoming from Cambridge University Press

Selected Publications 


   Hemispheric Regionalism: Romance and the Geography of Genre (Oxford University Press)

   • "Geography, Genre, and Hemispheric Regionalism," Atlantic Studies, 10:2 (2013): 211-227.
   • "Romance to Novel: A Secret History." NARRATIVE, Vol. 17, No. 3 (Oct 2009): 255-273.
   • "John Howison’s New Gothic Nationalism and Transatlantic Exchange." Early American Literature. 44, 2 (2008): 309-335.
   "Haiti and the U.S. Novel" The Haitian Revolution and the Early United States, Eds Elizabeth Maddock Dillon and Michael Drexler (University of Pennsylvania Press: 2016), 232-249.
   • "History, Romance, and the Novel." Oxford Handbook of Charles Brockden Brown, Ed. 2 Philip Barnard and Stephen Shapiro. (forthcoming from Oxford University Press)
   • "Trials and Confessions of Fugitive Slave Narratives"  Journeys of the Slave Narrative in the Early Americas, Eds. Nicole N. Aljoe and Ian Finesth.  (University of Virginia Press: 2014), 47-73.

   Anna Brickhouse, The Unsettlement of America: Translation, Interpretation, and the Story of Don Luis de Velasco, 1560-1945.  Oxford University Press, 2015.  Early American Literature, Vol. 50, No.3, 2015: 953-959.
   Cohen, Margaret. The Novel and The Sea. Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2010.Novel: A Forum on Fiction 45:3 (2012): 455-460.
   Pratt, Lloyd. Archives of American Time: Literature and Modernity in the Nineteenth Century.Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 2010. Clio: A Journal of Literature, History, and The Philosophy of History, 40:2 (2011): 17-22.
   Shapiro, Stephen. The Culture and Commerce of the Early American Novel: Reading The Atlantic World-System. Philadelphia: U of Penn Press, 2008. Huntington Library Quarterly, Vol. 73, No. 2 (June 2010): 339-343.

   “In The Cage.” A Critical Companion to Henry James, Eds. Eric Haralson and Kendall Johnson. Facts On File: New York, NY, (2009): 246-255.

Recent Presentations 

   “Historical Distance and the American Mediterranean.” International Symposium. Hemispheric Encounters: The Early United States in a Transatlantic Perspective. University of Leipzig, Leipzig, Germany, April 25-28, 2012.
   “Bucaneers and Filibusteros: Cuba, Periódicos, and U.S. Popular Romance.” The Institute for African American Research. Ernest F. Hollings Special Collections Library. University of South Carolina. Columbia, SC: March 2011.
   “Cuba and the New-World Novel.” Southern Studies Institute Faculty Colloquium. University of South Carolina: April 12, 2010.
   “Desperate Form and Singular ‘Effect’ in Poe’s Periodical Fiction.” Keynote Address, October 13, 2009. The Art Institute, South Carolina Poetry Initiative, and Richland County Public Library, Columbia, SC.

   “Geography and Genre: The Global South.” A roundtable, Chair. The Society of Early Americanists. Savannah, Georgia: February 2013.
   “Without Chains: Piracy in the New World.” Commentator. American Studies Association. San Antonio, TX: November 2010.
   “Smuggling Across the Archipelago.” Organizer, Chair, and Respondent. Early American Borderlands—Ibero/Anglo Americanist Summit. St. Augustine, Florida: May 2010.

   Roundtable Participant. “Geographies of Memory in Nineteenth-Century America.” MLA Convention. Vancouver, BC: January, 2015.
   Seminar Participant. “The Hemispheric South and the (Un)Common Ground of Comparability.” The Society of Nineteenth-Century Americanists. Chapel Hill, NC: March, 2014.
   Roundtable Participant. “Reconsidering the Secret History.” “Forms of domestication: “little histories” and the New World”. American Society of Eighteenth Century Studies. Williamsburg, VA: March 2014.
   “Tyrannical Distance and the Poetics of Relation.” New Oceanic Studies and the Colonial Americas Panel. MLA Convention. Chicago, IL: January, 2014.
   “Geography and Genre.” American Studies Association. San Juan, Puerto Rico: November, 2012.
   “Romantic Biography and Irving’s Life and Voyages of Christopher Columbus.” Oceanic American Studies Panel. The Society of Nineteenth-Century Americanists. Berkeley, CA: May, 2012.
   “U.S. Popular Romance and the Sea.” The Hungry Ocean: Literary Culture and the Maritime Environment. A Conference at the John Carter Brown Library. Providence, RI: April, 2011.
   “‘Pleasing, Popular, and Profitable’: Scott’s The Pirate and U.S. Romance.” Ninth International Walter Scott Conference. Laramie, WY: July, 2011.
   “Charles Brockden Brown and Distant Reading.” Caribbean and Other Regionalisms. Roundtable. The Charles Brockden Brown Society. Pasadena, CA: October, 2010.
   “’The Far South’: Cuba and the New-World Novel.” The Society of Nineteenth-Century Americanists. University Park, Pennsylvania: May 2010.
   “Trials and Confessions of New-World Slave Narratives.” Paper Presentation. Early American Borderlands—Ibero/Anglo Americanist Summit. St. Augustine, Florida: May, 2010.
   Piratas de la America: bucaniers, privateers, and filibusteros in the novel of the Americas.” Ibero-American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies. ASECS, Albuquerque, NM: March, 2010.
   “Press and Public Opinion in the Revolutionary Atlantic World.” Commentator. Revolutionary Era Consortium. Charleston, South Carolina: February, 2010. “Traveling Genres: Saint-Dominguan Violence and the American Novel.” American Society of Eighteenth-Century Studies (ASECS), Richmond, VA: March, 2009.
   “Atlantic History as Literary Form; or A Secret History.” The Society of Early Americanists 6th Biennial Conference, Hamilton, Bermuda: March, 2009.
   “Violent Time.” International Conference on Narrative. Austin, TX: May, 2008.
   “New Gothic Nationalism and Transatlantic Exchange.” Keats—Shelley Association. MLA Convention. Chicago, IL: December, 2007.
   “’The Cant of the Pickpockets’: William Cobbett and Charles Brockden Brown in 1790s.” Carolina Low Country and Atlantic World Conference. Charleston, SC: February, 2007.
   “Rebellion and Form: Peter Porcupine’s United Irishmen.” Southern Regional Conference for Irish Studies. Columbia, SC: February, 2006.
   “From Revolution to Insurrection; or The Specter of Haiti.” American Studies Association, Crossroads of Cultures, Washington D.C.: November, 2004.
   “The Revolutionary Storm’: The Haitian Revolution and The Confessions of Nat Turner.” American Studies Association, Violence and Belonging. Hartford, Connecticut: October

Other Information 

   Book Review Editor, Clio, A Journal of Literature, History, and the Philosophy of History. 2014-
   Reader/Referee for the following journals: African American Review, Early American Studies, Genre, ESQ, and Studies in American Fiction

   American Studies Association
   American Society of Eighteenth-Century Studies
   Modern Language Association
   Society of Early Americanists
   Society of Nineteenth-Century Americanists