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College of Arts & Sciences
Department of English Language and Literature

Faculty and Staff Directory

Kevin D. Kuswa

Department of English Language and Literature



PhD, University of Texas at Austin, Rhetoric and Cultural Studies

Recently Taught Courses 

Public Communication and Argumentation and Debate

Current Research Projects 

Research interests include argumentation and critical pedagogy, critical security studies, cultural studies, and the impacts of globalization.

Selected Publications 

  • Kuswa, Kevin D. & Sublett, Cameron (2016).  Argumentation and Critical Thought: An Introduction to Advocacy, Reasoning, and Rhetorical Analysis.  Revised Preliminary Edition, ISBN: 978-1-63487-528-8, San Diego, CA: Cognella Press.
  • Kuswa, Kevin D. & Ayotte, Kevin. “Chapter 5: Wor(l)ds on Fire: Postcolonial Rhetorics of Violence,” in Ed. Schwartz-Dupre,  Communicating Colonialism: Readings on Postcolonial Theory(s) and Communication (Peter Lang. New York, New York: 2014; pp104-127).
  • Greene, Ronald Walter & Kuswa Kevin Douglas. “‘From the Arab Spring to Athens, From Occupy Wall Street to Moscow:’ Regional Accents and the Rhetorical Cartography of Power.” Rhetoric Society Quarterly, 42:3, special issue on Regional Rhetorics, ed. J. Rice. (June, 2012) pp. 271-288.
  • Kuswa, Kevin D. “Switch-Side Debate Exercise,” Contemporary Argumentation and Debate v32 (2011), pp85-91.

Other Information 

He has a background in debate and forensics and brings that practical experience to the classroom.