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College of Arts & Sciences
Department of English Language and Literature

Faculty and Staff Directory

Mark Garrett Cooper

Department of English Language and Literature

Phone Number: (803) 576-5991
Office: HUO 212
Website:Visit Site


PhD, Brown University, 1998
BA, Wesleyan University, 1990

Areas of Specialization 

   Early Hollywood
   Film and media historiography
   Corporate culture/institutions
   The Research University
   Gender studies

Recently Taught Courses 

   Film and Media History
   Cinema and the Archives

Current Research Projects 

I investigate the history of media institutions. Those investigation have led me to publish two books on early Hollywood and to current research, with co-author John Marx, revealing the career of the American university as a media institution. We are currently completing a book, tentatively entitled “Mass Media U,” and maintain a blog based on our research at Another book in progress, “Accounting for Motion Pictures,” describes film and television history from the point of view of its accounting practices. I am also involved in collaborative projects to bridge disciplines, institutions, and communities by means of digital tools and archival media. I keep a reasonably up-to-date CV here.

Selected Publications 

   Universal Women: Filmmaking and Institutional Change in Early Hollywood (University of Illinois Press, 2010).
   Love Rules: Silent Hollywood at the Rise of the Managerial Class (University of Minnesota Press, 2003).

   "Crisis, Crisis, Crisis: Big Media and the Humanities Workforce." With John Marx. differences 24.3 (2014).
   "Tackling Universal Women as a Research Problem: What Historiographic Sources Do and Don't Tell Us about "Gender" in the Silent Motion Picture Studio." Framework 51.2 (2011).
   "Pearl White and Grace Cunard: The Serial Queen's Volatile Present." Star Decades: Screen Stars of the 1910s. Ed. Jennifer M. Bean. New Brunswick: Rutgers University Press, 2011.
   "Archive, Theater, Ship: The Phelps Sisters Film the World." Researching Women in Silent Cinema: New Findings and Perspectives. Monica Dall' Asta, Victoria Duckett, Lucia Tralli, eds. University of Bolonga, 2013. DOI 10.6092/unibo/amsacta/3805

I am core faculty member in the Film and Media Studies Program and an affiliate faculty member of the Public History Program and Women's and Gender Studies. My tenure home is the Department of English Languages and Literatures.