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College of Arts & Sciences
Department of English Language and Literature

English Students Receive Fulbright Teaching Assignments

Teaching Assistants appointed to South Korea, Germany, and Macau

The department is proud to announce that three of its students will be Fulbright teachers this year.

James Jacocks, who graduated as an English major and will be attending our masters program, is taking his Fulbright to South Korea (above picture) to teach conversational English to secondary students. He writes, “I hope to immerse myself in the diverse cultural layers that the country has access to, and I am sure that I will encounter completely different things than my expectations can muster.” 


Caroline Blount, who graduated with English and German majors, explains that Germany (Bavaria, above picture) “was the best choice for me,” especially after teaching in Saxony-Anhalt for a summer program. “I haven't been placed at a school yet,” she reports, “but I have been assigned to Bavaria.”


Mark Rodehorst, from the M.F.A program, will be teaching in Macau (above picture). “As a writer,” he states, “I’m interested in cultural relations, differences, and multiplicity, so what draws me most to Macau is how much it reminds me of my native New Orleans—generally, how both cities, for the benefit of a tourism-based economy, project an image of a unique, hybridized culture on the fringes of two of the greatest political, economic, and cultural powers of the world. In Macau, I want to learn about how the Macanese view themselves and how they are viewed by greater China, and simultaneously I want to learn more about how I view myself.”